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Hail the King Chapter 1213.2

Chapter 1213: The Big Guy (Part Two)

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Its tongue had insane assassination ability, enough to instantly penetrate a 20-centimeter-thick iron plate, and it could also excrete corrosive liquid. However, its defense was weaker than the lowest-level spider-shaped bugs that had bone spikes.

“It seems like my guess is correct. There are high-level bugs on Earth.”

Fei waved his hand, and this monkey-like bone monster completely disappeared. At the same time, a series of panicking screams sounded, and hundreds of similar monkey monsters showed themselves and struggled before they got turned into nothingness.

At this moment, Fei acutely sensed a streak of well-hidden spirit energy wave coming from the depths of the cave, and it quickly flashed by.

“That is the place! It should be where the commander-level bug is at.”

Fei intentionally emitted a streak of powerful energy, approaching that location.

Just as he expected, a series of nervous and anxious spirit energy waves appeared in that location, and they moved around in different frequencies, reaching every corner of the maze-like cave.

“Eh, the bugs don’t have the ability to talk, so they communicate with each other using spirit energy frequencies. However, this is an advanced and complex system. It isn’t easier compared to any language… it would be tough to decipher it!”

Fei used the spirit energy techniques that he learned from the purple scroll and copied these different spirit energy frequencies.

He wanted to spot some patterns in these frequencies. It would be great if he could understand the communication between the bugs. Through this method, he could get more information about the Polluters and even control some low-level bugs using other tactics.

At the same time, Fei continued to exert pressure toward the entity in the depths of the cave that seemed to be the commander. He wanted to force this bug to summon all the high-level bugs that hadn’t appeared yet. This way, Fei could get to see all of them and understand their types and abilities in one go.

Ever since Fei discovered the Polluters on Earth, he repositioned them as the future enemies who could bring destruction to the Azeroth Continent. He wanted to gather as much information about these bugs on Earth as possible; any new information might bring positive changes to the future war of destruction on the Azeroth Continent that was mentioned in many prophecies.

Fei’s strategy was successful.

In the next hour or so, Fei continued to move forward and copied a total of 108 spirit energy frequencies that the bug commander released. He also discovered 15 groups of bugs that looked different and had different power levels. In the last few groups, the bugs were as strong as mid-tier Moon-Class Elites on the Azeroth Continent.

In a giant cave about 600 meters deep into the ground, Fei finally saw the bug commander.

Just like what was depicted in movies, it looked like a giant pink mountain of flesh, and it was covered in a viscous liquid. However, it emitted a pleasant fragrance.

It was clear that this entity had human-like intelligence. When Fei, Jian Jie, and Wang Jian appeared, it instantly unleashed a wave of spirit energy frequencies that contained fear. At the same time, it wriggled and crawled backward while many low-level bugs rushed out from all the openings connected to this cave. These bugs were fearless and were trying to buy time with their own lives for the bug commander to escape.

“This meat mountain has the strength of a peak Moon-Class Elite, and its spirit energy reached the Sun-Class Realm already. I’m afraid no one on Earth can defeat it!”

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