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Hail the King Chapter 1214.1

Chapter 1214: Collecting Samples (Part One)

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The bug commander struggled and tried to escape with all its energy, but it was meaningless.

In just a second, Fei released a tiny bit of his power and crushed hundreds of thousands of low-level bugs. After the mist created by the fine particles dissipated, only that giant meat mountain which was about 20 meters tall remained in the giant cave.

It was hard to tell whether it was fear or anger, but the bug commander’s body shivered violently, and the transparent liquid was being excreted from the surface of its body. The fragrance in the air grew even more intense.

Fei discovered that this was a strange smell that could influence people’s minds and impair their ability to think.

It wasn’t a smell! It was a mystical energy.

Wang Jian only sniffed a little bit of this fragrance, yet his gaze became dull. It was clear that he was controlled by this giant meat mountain, and he looked at Fei and Jian Jie with hostility.

Fei thought for a moment and shot two golden light beams from his eyes, instantly getting rid of the mystical energy in Wang Jian’s body and repairing some of the nerves and organs that were damaged by it.

Then, Fei grasped his hand, and the fragrant mystical energy in this space was tightly compressed into a pink sphere of light. Then, he took out an unused sealing scroll and froze this mass of energy before carefully putting it away.

Only a peak Moon-Class, the bug commander couldn’t pose a threat to the Azeroth Continent. However, if a demi-godly bug commander or even those that reached the True God Realm and Godly King Realm appeared on the Azeroth Continent, they could use this type of fragrant mystical energy to control the supreme masters and turn them into battle slaves. That consequence would be lethal.

This was a terrifying ability!

Fei was going to bring this fragrant mystical energy back to the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory and ask Cain and Akara to figure out the magic principles and theories behind it. If the world-ending catastrophe that was predicted in the prophecies truly came to the Azeroth Continent, the humans had to have the ability to protect themselves.

Everything that Fei was doing was preparation for that uncertain disaster in the future.

The mysteries and questions that went away with Stabila’s appearance re-emerged in Fei’s head.


As the giant meat mountain’s red muscles shook violently, a series of deep and hissing noises sounded as if a snake was flickering its tongue.

This was a type of energy similar to ultrasound, and all the stone pillars and rocks in the cave instantly turned into dust as the soundwaves went through them. The invisible energy surged like the waves in an ocean, and the cave was filled with dust.

“This is another offensive ability? This cunning entity was acting afraid earlier? Its intelligence can’t be ignored. Unfortunately, this level of attack is nothing for me!”

Fei emitted a streak of golden energy flames and engulfed the two people behind him. Regardless of how those soundwaves attacked, it couldn’t breach Fei’s defense.

Gradually, Fei slowly pulled away some of the energy flames and allowed the soundwaves to strike him, sensing the power and the properties of this attack.

“Just an ordinary spirit energy attack. There is nothing special.” Fei shook his head as he didn’t discover anything new.

In the next second, Fei released his spirit energy silently and continued to copy and mimic the bug commander’s spirit energy frequencies. After about two minutes, he completely grasped the theories behind the bugs’ spirit energy frequencies.

Then, Fei waved his hand and shot out another streak of energy flames.

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  1. Fimbulwinter

    This is like a tutorial that showcases the enemy types and their abilities, before the real game begins :’)

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