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Hail the King Chapter 1216.2

Chapter 1216: The First Intimate Contact (Part Two)

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Fei sat on the couch in the meeting room in boredom as he waited.

After explaining why he was here and casually killing hundreds of thousands of bugs outside the city, Fei was treated as a VIP of the military, and he was respectfully invited to the center of this base.

That middle-aged man who said that he was the Deputy Mayor of Beijing and his henchmen were picked up by a military vehicle.

After getting Fei’s permission, Wang Jian and Jian Jie were also picked up by a few workers in the base. Clearly, the government was still very careful. They wanted to learn more about Fei through these citizens who were documented in the government database.

While waiting on the couch, Fei didn’t show signs of impatience.

In fact, he could understand why the military was so careful and alerted.

After all, the supernatural power that Fei demonstrated was shocking, and it was too meaningful for the nation.

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“Mr. Wang Jian, before this catastrophe broke out, you were an excellent police officer. We all trust you, but this is too hard to believe. Can you swear that everything you said is true? And you experienced all these incidents yourself?”

In another room that was tightly guarded, a white-haired old man who was in a military uniform confirmed with Wang Jie once more with a serious expression.

A bitter smile appeared on Wang Jie’s face, and he said earnestly, “General Liu, I promise you every word that I said is true; I experienced it all and didn’t hear it from someone else. This young man named Fei has the power and abilities like the immortals in legends. I have ventured deep into a bug’s nest below Beijing, and he killed hundreds of millions of bugs including a meat-mountain-like bug commander.”

The white-haired old general nodded and said apologetically, “Before we communicate with him, you need to stay here for a while. I apologize in advance.”

Wang Jian looked at this famous and reputable old general as he stood up and bowed. “I’m willing to aid all investigations.”

Old General Liu patted Wang Jian’s shoulder and left the room.

Under the lead of a secretary, old General Liu got into an elevator and went to the 19th floor underground.

The metal walls emitted cold glares. In this giant space, many figures in military uniforms and white lab coats walked around, busy with their work.

The old general went to the room in the depths of this floor, and about 30 people had been waiting there.

On the huge electronic screen, Fei who was patiently waiting in the meeting room was on the display, and the high-level officials who survived so far all sat on the two sides. There were generals and administrative officials. They all looked grim while discussing among themselves. Seeing General Liu, they all looked over.

“This is the 11th interview with Wang Jian, and our doctors checked the Deputy Mayor of Beijing and everyone who came with this mysterious young man. All signs show that they are very healthy, their minds aren’t controlled by spirit energy, and they aren’t hypnotized. It means everything that they said should be true,” the old general said while sending the electronic document in his hands to everyone in the room.

“Deputy Mayor Liu and others don’t know much. However, Wang Jian and that woman named Jian Jie said the exact same thing. In their eyes, this young man named Fei is an invincible immortal. It sounds unbelievable, but it seems like it is the truth. We can look at this video that was captured by a military’s satellite.”

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  4. Note for those of you who aren’t paying attention:
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