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Hail the King Chapter 1217.1

Chapter 1217: Time Isn’t Waiting for Me (Part One)

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Many shocking and unbelievable scenes appeared on the big screen.

Especially when Fei lightly waved his hand on the defense wall, a wave of golden light flew out and crushed hundreds of thousands of bugs outside the city into pieces. The people in the other room were shocked so much that all of them gasped.

“Oh god! What is this power?”

“Could it be some kind of new weapon?”

“This… is like a scene from a mythological movie! Who is he?”

“How did he do this?”

The people who were inside this room were all the best in their fields, and they had seen all kinds of scenes. However, they were still stunned by what they saw. Everyone knew how terrifying the bugs were. In less than half a month, the bugs almost destroyed China and ended the world.

“That young man in black Li-Ning sportswear… he waved his hand and killed hundreds of thousands of bugs? This… is this a computer-generated image?”

“According to what Deputy Mayer Liu, Wang Jian, and Jian Jie have said, Beijing has been saved; all the bugs in the city have been killed by this mysterious young man. About 100,000 survivors are now rebuilding their homes.”

Old General Liu had hope in his eyes. Everyone knew what it would mean if the information that they collected was real; there was potentially a chance to defeat the bugs!

“Such information is too shocking and unbelievable. Perhaps these people’s minds are controlled by this mysterious young man. From the initial research of the scientists, the bugs have powerful spirit energy. Perhaps this young man is a bug that is wearing human skin,” an old man in a white lab coat said worryingly.

“Then, let’s see if we can prove it,” General Liu replied. Then, he whispered something, and the workers quickly turned the satellite toward Beijing. As the satellite zoomed into Beijing, the image grew clearer.

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Everyone started to gasp; they realized that Beijing was recovered!

Through the satellite images, these people clearly saw that no bugs could be seen inside the entire gigantic territory of Beijing. Some people were casually walking on the streets, trying to gather food and water. It didn’t look like they were being hunted down by the bugs.

Also, a ton of bugs gathered outside the city, trying to break in. However, there was a thin layer of energy-field-like substance, protecting the city. Once the bugs got close, they were shattered into dust.

This wasn’t something that science could explain!

It was something that only immortals could do.

Now, even the most hardcore atheist in the room believed what Wang Jian and others had stated.

“It is heard that a savior appeared in the Continent of America as well. That person has insane power and defeated many bugs on his own, protecting Las Vegas from being destroyed. We thought that it was only a joke, but now it seems like these people with superpowers do exist in the world,” someone commented.

Old General Liu looked around and couldn’t hide his excitement. He said loudly, “If we can convince this young man to serve us, there is a high chance of wiping out these bugs.”

“Humph! What convincing? It seems like this young man is only about 20 years old. He should be a university student, right? As a member of China, he should help his country and government. We can directly order him!” an old man who looked murderous replied with a frown.

This recommendation was supported by many people. After all, these people had gotten used to thinking as high-level officials, and they thought that everything could be done through commands.

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  1. Carl Brittain

    I wonder who the guy from America is…

  2. Fimbulwinter

    hahaha “command him” :’)
    Good luck with that!
    Honestly, how dumb must you be that you witness someone literally displaying powers on the level of divinity and think that you can control that person with authority.

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