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Hail the King Chapter 1217.2

Chapter 1217: Time Isn’t Waiting for Me (Part Two)

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“Quick! Look! What is that…” a scientist in the room suddenly pointed at the screen and screamed.

Everyone turned around and was shocked; their eyes almost popped out of their eye sockets.

The screen in the room showed something that defied all the laws of physics. The screen was connected to the cameras that were monitoring the meeting room, and the mysterious young man in black casually waved his hand and tore a huge opening in space as if he was tearing a piece of paper.

The chilly black light of this opening looked identical to that of the mysterious black holes, making others afraid.

Then, the young man waved his hand and pushed out a mass of golden energy flames. Like an endless tentacle, it reached into the black crack.

After about five minutes, a response came back through the crack.

Light flashed, and dozens of muscular warriors and energetic scholars walked out of the opening in space. They were dressed in armor and robes that seemed to come from the medieval times, and they knelt before this young man respectfully while chanting using a strange language.

Everyone in the monitoring room felt like their brains weren’t powerful enough to process this scene.

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“Your Majesty, we finally found you!”

Gold Saint Brook of Libra, Gold Saint Torres of Sagittarius, and a few others knelt on one knee in excitement.

The emperor had disappeared for about two days; they didn’t expect him to come to such a dimension.

Cain and Akara were in this group as well. Right now, they were glancing at this meeting room curiously.

Also, about a dozen orc priests were summoned over by Fei as well.

Fei had left many spatial summoning coordinates on the Azeroth Continent. Now that he had mastered the spatial magic and the Laws of Space, even though he was on Earth right now, he could summon the necessary subordinates to his location.

“I have some things for you to do.” Fei waved at these people and told them to get up. Then, he frowned and said, “But before that, tell me about the current situation on the Azeroth Continent. Is there any news from the Holy Church?”

Brook thought for a moment and said, “The merge between the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church is ongoing. Old Pope Stabila and Continental Martial Saint Maradona are managing this, and everything is happening in order. However, about two days ago, the Holy Church said that the remaining henchmen of Blatter are causing trouble, so the process might be delayed for about ten days. Also, they asked if the priests of the Holy Church could enter the Northern Region to spread the religion…”

“Delay for about ten days?” A sharp glint flashed in Fei’s eyes, and he already realized something. While his face changed color, he said, “It seems like I don’t have much time left. I must send someone back.”

Fei beckoned at Bronze Saint Hazard of Cygnus and whispered something into the latter’s ear. Then, the emperor created an opening in space and sent him back to the Azeroth Continent.

“Where are we? Another dimension? Huh… interesting…” After looking around, Cain became very interested in everything in the room. He frowned and asked as he pointed at the cameras, “What are these? How come I feel like I’m being monitored, yet I can’t detect any magic energy fluctuations?”

Fei laughed and replied, “I have something even more interesting for you and Akara to look at.” While Fei said that, he took out the scrolls that he sealed various Polluters and a bug commander.

“This… Polluters? Alive?” Everyone in the room was shocked, and their expressions became grim.

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