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Hail the King Chapter 1218.2

Chapter 1218: The Beginning of the Partnership (Part Two)

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“These people here are my friends. Don’t be rude to them.” Fei asked his guards who were alerted to back away. Then, he smiled and shook General Liu’s hand while explaining, “My subordinates are too nervous and were a bit rude. Old general, please don’t mind them.”

The old general named Liu Yun quickly woke up from the shock and said that it was fine. [Support the translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

At that moment, he was terrified.

Liu Yun was a veteran who survived through many wars in the 20th Century. He had battled as bullets flew past him, and he almost ran into the Grim Reaper several times. He thought that nothing could move him in his lifetime, but this blond man’s shout made his face pale.

“These people are indeed terrifying!” he thought to himself.

“Eh… let me do the introductions. We are from a world outside the Earth, and my subordinates don’t know the etiquettes on Earth. Sorry for scaring you, old general. Please pardon them.” As Fei said that, a streak of golden light appeared on his palm and dashed into General Liu’s body before turning into a streak of heat energy.

Only about five years passed since Fei first traveled through space. This old general standing before him had devoted his life to the country, and he was an idol to many young people who were passionate and hot-blooded.

Fei was a military fan before, so he admired this old general. Before, he could only see this man on TV. But now, he was able to meet the latter in person and shake his hand. Perhaps the Earth had triggered the memories deep inside Fei’s mind; the emperor was a little excited interacting with General Liu.

On the other hand, General Liu Yun sensed a streak of heat energy flowing from this young man’s body into his arm before dispersing into his body. He was surprised at first but then became overjoyed.

He was shocked to find that the hidden injuries in his body that were results of wars had completely disappeared. Those hidden injuries caused pain, but he couldn’t detect them anymore. His knees and spine that were in pain due to hyperostosis, which was the excessive growth of bones, also returned to normal.

General Liu instantly felt like his stamina skyrocketed and he had returned to his prime in his thirties.

“You… could it be that you are really an immortal?” Experiencing this first hand was more convincing than anything else. After shaking Fei’s hand, General Liu suddenly believed what Wang Jian and Jian Jie had said completely.

Fei smiled and replied, “I’m not an immortal. I’m just an ordinary person who got lucky. Of course, none of this is important. The important thing is that I’m here to save humans.”

General Liu Yun understood what Fei meant.

“I will send people and quickly wipe out all the bugs in the country.” What Fei said calmed everyone down as if they had taken a drug.

“Should we send people to help?” General Liu Yun was excited.

The humans on Earth were on the verge of death, and the bugs were getting more aggressive and evolving faster. Ordinary troops couldn’t block the enemies. Some people even started to consider the use of atomic bombs.

Now, it seemed like everything was solved.

General Liu had interacted with many people in his life. Although his eyes weren’t as clear as before, he rarely made mistakes in judging people. He could tell that this mysterious young man didn’t hold any ill-intentions. Especially that bright smile; this young man instantly made others feel like he was trustworthy.

“Of course,” Fei said with a smile, “We need help in many areas. My people know nothing about this world. They can battle, but they need guides and people who can do the logistics.”

“No problem,” General Liu Yun quickly agreed.

“Then, let’s not waste time. Let’s attack as soon as we can. Perhaps we can save more people.” Fei knew the importance of time at this moment.

“They…” General Liu looked at the masters behind Fei and asked, “There is one question. Can they understand what we are saying?”

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