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Hail the King Chapter 1219.2

Chapter 1219: New Direction (Part Two)

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People weren’t sure if they could survive through this catastrophe. Now with the appearance of Fei and others, dealing with the bugs no longer seemed like an issue. Many officials including Liu Yun were already thinking about the future global strategy.

Fei didn’t object to any of this.

[TL Note: It seems like China has been transformed through this process. Just like how Fei chose the righteous people in Beijing to look after the reconstruction instead of handing the control back to the corrupt government, I feel like it is implied that even though Fei wanted to help China a little, he is going to be monitoring it and making sure that the new China is properly structured.]

After the two sides reached the agreement, Fei summoned a few more advisors over from the Azeroth Continent using his comprehension of the laws of space and summoning ability. These people communicated with government officials and exchanged some information. The fantasy world of Azeroth Continent and Fei’s status in that world all shocked people like Liu Yun.

Now, many officials finally realized that this handsome young man in black Li-Ning sportswear had such high status. This man controlled a giant territory with a population that was tens of thousands of times larger than the population on Earth.

Looking at it from this perspective, the president of the United States which was once the most dominant force on Earth probably was nothing compared to this young man. Even the best nations on Earth could only be affiliated nations to the Northern Region Empire in that dimension.

The only question that confused Liu Yun and others was why this young man who dominated another dimension would come to Earth, could speak Mandarin, and showed affinity toward China as if he was Chinese.

The advisors of the Northern Region Empire couldn’t give a clear answer.

Their extreme loyalty toward the Human Emperor of the North made these officials unwilling to doubt His Majesty’s matters. In this area, many people of the Northern Region believed that Fei grew up in Chambord, was the Third Prince of the Zenit Empire, and was also the reincarnation of a godly king.

Fei summoned the advisors of the Northern Region Empire to Earth since he wanted to create a proper partnership with Earth.

The advisors who were experienced with the ups and downs of politics were better fitted to handle these issues.

It was clear that the situation with the Polluters changed drastically, and it wasn’t as simple as what Pope Stabila had said. Seeing how tough the battle was between the Polluters and the ancient God Clan and Demon Clan in the Mythical Era, Fei noticed that magic energy and warrior energy couldn’t solve all the issues. Therefore, he wanted to see if he could find some answers on Earth that was more advanced in terms of science and technology compared to the Azeroth Continent. Even some clues or inspiration would be great.

Therefore, Fei needed to establish a long-term partnership with Earth and not only have superficial contact.

Except for these meticulously picked advisors, Fei also needed the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory to realize this goal. Therefore, he instantly found Cain and Akara and summoned them over to Earth alongside their disciples. Their mission was to communicate with the top-tier scientists on Earth, seeing if they could find a merging point between magic and science. Perhaps sparks that they never imagined appearing would show up during the collision of the two civilizations.

Of course, all of this was Fei’s plan.

The worst-case scenario was that magic and science wouldn’t work together at all, and Cain and Akara would cuss at Fei for wasting their time and energy. [Support the translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Anyway, this was a new direction that could be pursued in Fei’s mind. [Support the translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

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