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Hail the King Chapter 1220.1

Chapter 1220: Traces (Part One)

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The good thing was that, with the hard work of the advisors, Cain and Akara became quite interested in the laws of physics of this world. After some contact with the top-tier scientists on Earth, their interest was piqued, and they instantly created a laboratory on Earth.

It seemed like the mad scientists of each world were similar in many respects.

Half a day had already passed by the time the relationship between the two parties was sorted out. The government provided a peaceful and quiet house for Fei, and Fei stayed there and reviewed all kinds of documents. Most of them were videos gathered by the government and the public when the bugs suddenly descended, intelligence reports from around the world, some scientific theses, and the scientific reports that the scientists on Earth had drafted after about two weeks of research.

This information should be the most confidential information within the government, but everything was open to Fei under old General Liu’s persistence.

Fei wanted to find some useful clues from all this information.

Now, the situation was clear. At least the old Pope Stabila misunderstood somethings, and the prophecies on the continent and Pope Zhong Dajun of the Beast God Palace weren’t wrong. The God Clan and Demon Clan didn’t completely wipe out all Polluters. The world-ending catastrophe that was predicted in prophecies still existed in the future and might occur at any time.

Fei wanted to know more about the Polluters, so he could better prepare for the upcoming disaster.

Except for the fact that the Polluters were powerful, the God Clan and Demon Clan’s arrogance at the very beginning of the war, their lack of understanding of their enemies, and their slow reaction all contributed to the end of the Mythical Era.

Fei didn’t want to make these mistakes again. As the ruler of the Northern Region Empire and the most influential figure on the Azeroth Continent, Fei was bearing a ton of responsibilities and pressure. Protecting his loved ones, friends, and subjects were Fei’s biggest motivation.

Fei spent the entire afternoon before a computer, and he felt he finally understood enough.

He saw that before the bugs descended on Earth, the satellites in space captured images of the Solar System. Interstellar-portal-like gates suddenly appeared, and giant objects flew out like the interstellar spaceships, shooting many missile-like projectiles toward the Earth. After landing on Earth, many bugs were created.

Fei acutely sensed that these spaceship-like giant objects were black and looked like living organisms. It was hard to imagine that such giant lifeforms existed in the universe, and further that they could travel in the vacuum of space. As if they were laying eggs, they created a ton of various bugs.

“So, those streaks of shocking presence that I sensed when I got close to Earth were left by these things…” Fei pondered. He still remembered the various mystical energy presences that he detected when he returned from the other dimension and got close to Earth. The presences were indeed related to the bugs.

After those giant spaceship-like bugs finished laying eggs in space, the massive interstellar portals appeared again, and they disappeared into space.

These were the vague images that the satellites captured, and those were all the images.

Suddenly, Fei recalled something that the mysterious voice in Diablo World once told him. The Polluters were like interstellar farmers, hunters, and predators. When a dimension became prosperous, they would descend and devour almost everything. Then, they would leave behind some seeds, waiting for the next harvest.

Perhaps the Earth was a small farm for the Polluters, and the Azeroth Continent was a much larger grassland. [Support the translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

In the eyes of the bugs, perhaps the only difference between these two places was the size and nothing else. [Support the translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]
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