Chapter 1221: Clues about Zhong Dajun (Part One)

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“I see,” Fei asked in a hurry, “Then what? Are there any follow-ups about this person?”

The deputy recalled and said, “The military investigated those few supernatural phenomena, but they led to nowhere, so we had to give up. However, we kept a close eye on the suspects, and this person is also on the list. I’m not sure if we can still access the information that we collected about him.”

Fei nodded and said, “Ok, can you please check it for me right now?”

“That is no problem.” The deputy walked out of the room and made a few calls. About 15 minutes later, he came back with a stack of documents and passed them over. He said, “Fortunately, some of the military’s databases weren’t destroyed by the bugs. These are the reports that you need.”

Fei thanked this deputy and grabbed the documents to read.

Clearly, the person shown on the first page was Pope Entus of the Beast God Palace on the Azeroth Continent and the goofy young man named Zhong Dajun on Earth who liked iPads.

After returning to this world, this young man changed his attire, but he still had that unique presence with him. Fei instantly recognized this young man with one glance.

Fei quickly read all the reports; there weren’t many useful pieces of information.

After this young man returned to Earth, he enjoyed his life, but he also did some interesting things. The supernatural phenomena that the military was trying to investigate were caused by the power of the orc battle songs that only the orc priests could sing. Fei guessed that this young man returned to Earth with all his power from the Azeroth Continent.

The last report on Zhong Dajun showed that half a month before the bugs descended on Earth, this young man went on a trip overseas, and the destination was the United States, the most powerful nation on Earth before the bugs invaded.

“This dude actually went out…” Fei was surprised and thought, “Did this guy go to the United States to meet Steven Jobs at Apple’s headquarters? Since this guy is a crazy Apple fan, this is something that he would do.”

[TL Note: LOL, from the fact that Steven Jobs was still alive when this novel was written, you know how old it is. Also, back then, Apple felt like a different company.]

After thinking for a bit, Fei quietly unleashed his spirit energy and scanned toward the Continent of North America.

With Fei’s current strength, he could easily scan more than half of the Earth. If he focused his spirit energy on scanning a smaller region, he could even find a needle if he wanted to.

However, after a while, he didn’t discover any clues that led to Zhong Dajun’s presence. Instead, he discovered some interesting things in a city in the United States.

“After the catastrophe struck, did you get any special information on the United States?” Fei wanted to get some inspiration.

Old General Liu Yun didn’t dare to slight this young man at all. After thinking for a bit, he nodded and replied earnestly, “About 24 hours after the catastrophe struck Earth, the big nations in the world created unique connections, and all the newest research projects were shared. Also, some partnership deals were made. From what we know, the United States’ government seemed to have found a unique offensive and defensive technology, and they obtained several victories against the bugs. However, it seems like this technology isn’t mature, and it can’t be used on a large scale. We had suspected that there are people with supernatural abilities just like Your Majesty in the United States as well.”

Fei nodded and said, “I see.”

After a pause, Fei added, “I’m planning to go to the United States. Old general, are you interested in coming along?”

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