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Hail the King Chapter 1221.2

Chapter 1221: Clues about Zhong Dajun (Part Two)

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Liu Yun froze for a second and quickly made a decision. He laughed and said, “Of course! How about this? Your Majesty, please wait for a moment. The military will create a special operation team and go with you. Perhaps they will be of help.”

Fei had to deal with many things on this trip, and he wasn’t going there to destroy everything. Since force couldn’t solve all issues, he needed translators and people who could handle international affairs.

When General Liu Yun stood up, Fei thought of something and said, “Bring Wang Jian and Jian Jie along as well.”

These two were friends who Fei met very early on, and he wanted to help them using this method.

“Ok, no problem.” General Liu Yun agreed without thinking, but he was pondering to himself, “Next, we will need to rely on these two. Since this emperor from another dimension values them so much, it means that their relationship is great. At least they can be the connection between the Chinese government and the royal family in the other dimension.”

Since time was precious, Liu Yun created a team of about 50 people in less than 15 minutes, and the team gathered before the house where Fei was staying in.

“Fei…” Beauty Jian Jie stood beside Fei in excitement.

Wang Jian was wearing a military uniform and standing with the soldiers.

“Leader, the team has gathered! We can leave now! The plane is already waiting for us at the parking spot outside…” a muscular and tough-looking middle-aged man who appeared to be a member of the special forces stood in front of the team, and he bowed at Fei and reported with respect.

“Haha! We don’t need planes! Let’s go!”

Fei smiled as golden energy flames gushed out of his body, engulfing everyone in the team including General Liu Yun. Then, the energy flames shot into the sky.

Everyone gasped, and they felt like their vision blurred.

When their vision returned to normal, they were already in the sky. Looking down, they noticed that they weren’t above the city that they were in. Instead, they were above a giant landmass that was clearly not the territory of China.

“This is… the United States?”

“There… bugs! So many bugs!”

Too fast! The group arrived in the United States in a few seconds! These people felt like they were dreaming.

The power of technology was nothing compared to such abilities.

On the ground, countless bugs were moving like an endless flood. There were so many of them that people would feel sick and dizzy by just looking at them. Except for the lowest-level giant spider-like bugs, many giant bugs had finished evolving. Most of these bugs looked like meat mountains, and they had vicious shells that were full of spikes. They looked like those monsters in legends as they spat fire and made the ground shake with every step that they took.

“The bugs’ evolution speed is faster than we expected!” Old General Liu’s face changed color as he sighed.

“Don’t worry. I promise you that the Earth will be fine.” Fei comforted everyone and lightly pressed down his hands. Then, all the bugs that could be seen were turned into specks of dust and disappeared as if they never existed.

Everyone was shocked.

The radios in the city that they were in promoted the stories of how the god-like warriors easily defeated the bugs, but these people only heard the news with their ears. Now, seeing this scene where a friendly and smiling young man easily crushed the bugs that could destroy nations, the visual shock couldn’t be described with words! [Support the translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Even that commander of the special forces was stunned to his core.

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