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Hail the King Chapter 1222.1

Chapter 1222: The Thing That Fei Is Looking For (Part One)

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Only Wang Jian, Jian Jie, and General Liu weren’t that surprised since they had gotten used to Fei’s shocking power.

Soon, everyone got a clear look at the landmass below them.

The golden energy flames were carrying everyone, and they felt like they were walking on land. The soldiers in the special forces had tough mental fortitudes, and they soon got used to standing in mid-air. They quickly took out some high-tech military equipment and connected with the military satellites, confirming their location.

“Las Vegas is right below us. It is the biggest base city in the United States,” General Liu Yun said, “Las Vegas is in a desert, and there are relatively fewer bugs here. The government of the United States used the shortest amount of time to build defense structures around this city. With the pre-existing underground military bases, this became the last line of defense for the United States after New York and Washington got conquered by the bugs. This is also the only city that is protected by supernatural forces.”

Las Vegas was the target of Fei’s trip.

When scanning this place with his spirit energy, Fei discovered some interesting things.

It could be clearly seen that there were fewer bugs here compared to other places in the United States.

More importantly, the area around and the sky above the city were all engulfed in a type of mysterious energy. This type of energy wasn’t something created by the technology of this world. It was more like the magic energy or warrior energy on the Azeroth Continent, but it was still a little different.

“Send a signal to the United States government. Get in contact with them, and we will go down later.”

Liu Yun ordered the people around him, and some technicians got busy and took out various strange devices, sending out electromagnetic energy waves and radio waves.

Soon, they got a response.

“They suspect our identities, and they are asking us to descend outside the city…” a communication officer quickly reported.

“Outside the city? These arrogant people…” General Liu Yun murmured as he looked toward Fei.

In reality, the American’s demand for their descent outside the city was fair. After all, the bugs had control over most of the land and the sea, and some bugs could now fly after evolving. Since China was so far away, it was impossible for a team of Chinese officials to cross the ocean and come here in theory. Therefore, some suspicion was normal. Clearly, the Americans’ detective methods couldn’t notice that a group of people was above them. Perhaps they thought that these Chinese got here on a plane with luck, or that bugs were playing a trick.

General Liu Yun only murmured since he was afraid that Fei might be angry at this demand.

However, Fei only nodded with a smile. “Ok, we can land outside the city.”

Before he finished speaking, everyone in the team felt that their visions blurred again, and they were on the land in the next second.

Fei was quite interested in what he discovered, and Zhong Dajin also disappeared in the United States. Perhaps he needed the Americans’ help, so Fei wanted to resolve all issues peacefully if force wasn’t necessary.

Seeing Fei’s reaction, General Liu Yun’s opinion of him increased even more.

From what Liu Yun learned, this young man was an extraordinary and noble emperor in another dimension, and he controlled a territory many times larger than the landmass on Earth and ruled over many citizens. Also, he had immortal-like abilities, and countless Superman-like warriors served him with loyalty.

That fact that such a prestigious ruler was patient, kind, and loved Earth was great news for the humans on this planet. Otherwise, if the other dimension decided to invade Earth, the catastrophe would be much more terrifying.

Right now, the group was standing before Las Vegas, the biggest base of the United States. (Read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Cement walls that were more than 50 meters tall wrapped around the city, and it was clear that the walls were recently built. (Read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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