Chapter 1223: White Gas (Part One)

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When the fleet of cars stopped before a fortress that was clearly strengthened using military methods but wasn’t that eye-catching, another long and tedious inspection and verification process followed.

Then, the United States government sent over a few high-level officials to receive this group led by Liu Yun on the surface.

Since this group of Chinese people came so abruptly and strangely, the United States government kept their guard up even though all the documents and identities were verified.

Out of the few high-level American officials, a portion of them knew China’s situation well, and they were acquaintances and friends of Liu Yun.

In the half-hour that they spent together, these officials were receiving the group in name, but they were trying to test Liu Yun and making sure that he was the real person and not a bug in disguise.

After that reception ceremony was over, the American officials relaxed and felt more comfortable.

Then, Liu Yun asked to meet with the leaders of the United States who were higher on the ladder.

With Liu Yun’s status, this request wasn’t strange or off-putting.

After a moment of hesitation, the United States government agreed to the request.

However, only Liu Yun and four other people could enter the depths of this fortress, and others had to wait outside where they were right now.

This level of caution showed that the former ruler of Earth was terrified of the bugs and didn’t dare to be careless.

Just like the headquarters of the Chinese government, the United States government’s headquarters was also underground.

Taking the elevator, the group went about 600 meters into the ground before stopping, arriving at a giant and modern facility. This place made others feel like it was an underground city that was isolated from society. The streets and buildings looked futuristic, and the conveyor belts were everywhere like an airport.

Liu Yun and others already expected this. This place looked similar to the underground city that China had, but the technologies here were more advanced than what China had. It might be a result of the longer construction time. It seemed like this underground city that the United States had was being built before the catastrophe struck Earth.

Through conveyor belts, Liu Yun and the other four were led to an unknown place. Then, they entered a giant transparent room.

As soon as the five of them entered the room, the electron tempered glass panels suddenly closed without warning, and they were completely isolated in here like white rats inside a test facility.

“What are you doing?” Liu Yun was shocked, and a subordinate instantly asked in English.

If Fei, who was invisible to the Americans, weren’t here, these people would be worried that the Americans were trying to play tricks. [Support the translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

“I’m sorry, General Liu. You know that according to our research, the bugs have insane spirit energy that can be miraculous in our eyes. There had been cases where high-level bugs controlled some people in the city, trying to infiltrate the command center. Therefore, we have to make sure that we are seeing our real friends from China and not corpses controlled by bugs!” that official who was very close to Liu Yun said apologetically. [Support the translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

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