Chapter 1224: Zhong Dajun’s Appearance (Part One)

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Fei was shocked to find that even with the strength of his spirit energy, it was suppressed to a tiny level after entering this space. His spirit energy was already suppressed to one-millionth of his original level.

This was the most shocking thing to him; he had never encountered something like this before.

After all, Fei was already at peak Godly King Realm, and he had strengthened his spirit energy to an extreme degree using the techniques in the purple scroll.

Fei’s strength was already comparable to a supreme god, and no one on the Azeroth Continent could rival his spirit energy as well.

However, in this world where no magic energy and warrior energy existed, Fei’s spirit energy was suppressed to this degree.

“What is going on?” Fei released his godly power into the area.

In this building, there was no magic restriction or supernatural power.

“Is this the result of technology?”

“Technology can suppress spirit energy?”

“Is this something that the United States recently developed?”

If this technology were used on a mass scale, it would do great harm to the bugs. This race couldn’t communicate with each other using language. The high-level bugs communicated with low-level bugs purely using spirit energy. If the communication between the bugs was severed, and Fei could come in with the fake spirit energy waves and frequencies, this emperor could order the bugs to kill each other!

Fei instantly had an idea.

“What? You want to trade for the white gas and the supernatural weapons? Impossible!” Vice President Duranklin instantly rejected General Liu Yun’s proposal of trading the super-long-range mobility technology with these two secrets of the United States.

“I’m surprised that while this global disaster is happening, you are still choosing to hide your secrets. Do you think the United States can solve this catastrophe alone?” Liu Yun was a little angry over the United States’ attitude.

“No. Old Friend, don’t misunderstand us. This… this…” Duranklin and other high-level officials of the United States government hesitated as their expressions turned ugly.

Fei who was hiding on the side in stealth was quite curious.

From the looks of things, Fei could tell that the United States was in a troubled situation. It was clear that they wanted to trade with China and obtain the super-long-range mobility technology, but a few conditions made them unable to do so.

Thinking of this, Fei decided to lure these people a bit more.

“Perhaps you don’t understand the mobility technology that we grasped. I can show you guys. I promise you that once we put our breakthroughs together, we will win the war against the bugs,” Liu Yun said with a smile as he stood up.

As soon as he said that, a thin layer of white light appeared around Liu Yun, and he disappeared in the next moment and appeared about ten meters away.

“Oh my god…”


“God! Is this the photon teleportation technology? Is this the photon teleportation technology in theory? It must be!”

“Such a teleportation method… what is the longest range for this?”

“Unbelievable! How did you do this?”

The Americans in the room were shocked.

What happened before them was far beyond their understanding. It was almost identical to the ‘photon teleportation technology’ that only existed as a scientific theory so far.

With even the most optimistic estimates, humans on Earth could only make it happen in about 300 years.

“How come the Chinese already mastered this technology?”

Of course, Liu Yun wouldn’t tell them that Fei used his godly power to alter the laws of space, teleporting his body at that moment. He nodded and confirmed the speculations, implying that this was the photon teleportation technology.

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