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Hail the King Chapter 1224.2

Chapter 1224: Zhong Dajun’s Appearance (Part Two)

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“What do you think? Do you still need to ponder over it? This photon teleportation technology isn’t inferior to your supernatural defensive sphere and offensive weapons. Are you still unwilling to trade?” Liu Yun urged again.

The Americans were getting anxious. Indeed, such ‘technology’ was god-like. If they could grasp it…

“Liu, we are old friends. It isn’t that we aren’t willing to trade, but we can’t trade at all…” Duranklin hesitated.

Liu Yun straightened his back and sneered, “To tell you the truth, we aren’t here to beg you. Instead, we are here to help. I believe that at this moment, [Goddess], one of your six remaining military satellites, is hovering above China. You can check some of the photos. See if those bugs are still around in the territory of China.”

“What do you mean? Did you already defeat the bugs?” The Americans were shocked.

Soon, someone pulled up the images captured by [Goddess], the only military satellite that hovered over China in the last 12 hours. The images that appeared on the big screens stunned these people in the headquarters under Las Vegas.

“All the bugs on land disappeared in China…”

“Completely disappeared? How did this happen?”

“This is impossible…”

“Chinese… you… eliminated all the bugs?”

Liu Yun and his four subordinates were surrounded in the middle, and the Americans around them stared at them with green glints in the eyes, looking like hungry wolves. If they could, they would want to dissect these Chinese people’ heads and get all the information and secrets.

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Liu Yun and others laughed in excitement and heaved long sighs. Throughout all these years, the Americans had never shown such an attitude before. In the past, it had always been China lowering its head and begging the United States. Now that the catastrophe occurred, China was finally able to have this advantage.

With this piece of bombshell information, the Americans quickly changed their minds and were willing to reveal their secrets.

After all, the situation was dire. Right now, time was the most important resource. If the catastrophe got dragged on for another day, perhaps everywhere in the United States except for Las Vegas would be conquered by the bugs.

In the end, the Americans showed Liu Yun the secret weapons that they used to protect Las Vegas.

“The white gas can corrode spirit energy to a certain degree. This isn’t the newest chemical product that we developed. Instead, they are a mineral powder that we recently discovered. As to the protective sphere around Las Vegas, it isn’t our technology. Instead, a young man has been providing us with…”

Vice President Duranklin told the truth. He led Liu Yun and others out of the meeting room and went to the depths of the underground city.

Before a hidden door, Vice President Duranklin went through dozens of verification processes such as retina scan, fingerprint scan, and voice detection. Then, the group walked through the gate and a slender laser corridor, finally arriving at a room that looked like a surgery room.

In the middle of the room, a person slept on a soft bed.

He was a young man – Zhong Dajun! Pope Entus of the Beast God Palace on the Azeroth Continent! The person who Fei was looking for!

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