Chapter 1225: New Information (Part One)

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Zhong Dajun wasn’t in great condition.

He was lying on the white bed, and he was in deep unconsciousness.

This young man was in a white patient uniform, and all his hair was shaved off. His face was pale, and his eyes were tightly shut. Many vicious-looking metal tubes that had scales on them reached over from all over the room and were plugged into his body. It was unknown where these tubes led to.

“This is the source of energy for our supernatural weapons…” Duranklin said apologetically.

It was clear that this young man who had terrifying energy inside his body was Asian. From the information that they gathered, they knew that he was Chinese.

This young man who was in a deep sleep was the core reason why the United States could create an unbreachable defense around Las Vegas.

Using a unique technology, the energy was being extracted out of this young man’s body, making sure that Las Vegas was safe under the bugs’ attacks.

This was why the United States didn’t want to trade technological advancements with China earlier.

The officials of the United States government were afraid that once China learned that the core of this supernatural technology came from a Chinese young man, the latter might demand the United States to return its citizen. A conflict might break out between the two sides.

However, the United States couldn’t resist the miraculous ‘mobility technology’ that was just showcased.

Before Duranklin could finish speaking, everyone felt their visions blurring, and a Chinese young man in black sportswear appeared inside the glass room that was sealed off.

“God, who is he?”

“Damn it! How did this guy appear?”

The Americans instantly panicked, and they looked at Liu Yun and others with hostility. They thought that the Chinese were trying to break this young man out of here using that ‘photon teleportation technology’, and this was a big scheme.

A large group of American soldiers rushed into this facility.

However, a golden light wave flashed on Fei’s body in the next moment.

Then, everyone felt like they were snails that fell into a swamp. Their bodies completely froze, and they couldn’t move or speak. They could only breathe and move their eyes.

Liu Yun and his four subordinates were the only exceptions.

“Don’t be anxious; we don’t have any ill-intentions.” Liu Yun could only say this.

Although he had many questions on his mind, he could tell that the pale and bald young man on the bed was the person who Fei was looking for using the intelligence network of China.

“Surprisingly, this young man is really in the United States, and he became the secret of the Americans. Could it be that this young man is also from that other dimension?” Old General Liu was smart and instantly guessed most of the information.

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Fei instantly appeared beside Zhong Dajun.

Just as he expected, this pope who loved women and ‘scourged’ the Behemoth Orc Tribe for 1,000 years didn’t lose his strength in the powerful totem battle songs. With his strength that was in the Demi-God Realm, he was invincible on Earth. It was unexpected that he got taken by the Americans and got used as an energy reactor.

Fei waved his hand, and all the metal tubes around Zhong Dajun flew away.

Then, Fei pressed one of his hands on Zhong Dajun’s forehead.

“Huh? No injuries? But his spirit energy is severely injured and almost destroyed. That is why he fell into a deep sleep. This situation is similar to what happened to Angela and Elena at Dual-Flag City. However, Zhong Dajun was close to the True God Realm, and the power of totems and battle songs are similar to spirit energy. He wouldn’t be injured to this degree unless his opponent was on or above the Godly King Realm!”

“How come there is an existence on that level on Earth?”

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