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Hail the King Chapter 1225.2

Chapter 1225: New Information (Part Two)

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Fei quickly made several discoveries and grew confused.

He took out a purified Worldstone from his storage space and used the old trick to heal Zhong Dajun. It was immediately effective.

“Oh, god damn! Such powerful bugs…”

Zhong Dajun opened his eyes and quickly got off the bed. He instantly wanted to run, and he didn’t even pull up his pants. The good thing was that he reacted fast and saw Fei who was standing before him. After a quick pause, he understood many things.

“Oh my mama. You are finally here? I almost got killed…” Zhong Dajun patted Fei’s shoulder in joy.

“What happened? You met an opponent on Earth?”

“Of course, not people on Earth. I was having the time of my life on Earth, and I slept with many cute girls, models, and celebrities. I’m like Superman. I easily got a bunch of money, and I was having fun. However, the Polluters suddenly appeared in the Solar System. Damn it! I wanted to kill all these bugs on my own, but there was a powerful existence among the Polluters that appeared in the wormhole. Our spirit energies collided, and I got severely injured. I think that being also got injured. Later, my injuries worsened, and I could only try to call you a few times and notify you of Earth’s spatial coordinates before I fainted…” Zhong Dajun quickly told Fei about what took place, and Fei was at a loss for words.

The emperor thought to himself, “Damn celebrities and models. Your life sure is fun. It seems like you troubled many girls again! You deserve to faint and being taken here by the Americans to be plugged with tubes and experimented on.”

Liu Yun slightly nodded and thought, “These two do know each other. Too much information is revealed when combining with the fact that the bugs invaded.”

This general heard the whole conversation between the two, and he learned that the Polluters was another name for these bugs. Therefore, it seemed like the bugs that appeared on Earth were only a tiny portion. Even if they got rid of one group, more terrifying bugs might come.

“God!” Liu Yun felt like the trajectory of this catastrophe gradually went beyond the control of the forces on Earth, and it was terrifying just to think about it.

Among the Americans, a few translators conveyed the content of Fei and Zhong Dajun’s discussion to the high-level officials, and people like Duranklin’s faces paled.

This wasn’t a piece of good news.

In the next moment, a series of ear-piercing sirens sounded in the underground city outside the laser corridor, and red lights were flashing rapidly.

“Oh, no! The bugs broke through the defense of Las Vegas…” Duranklin cried in sadness.

With Zhong Dajun’s recovery, the Americans could no longer draw energy from his body to maintain the supernatural energy sphere around Las Vegas. Without that transparent energy sphere, the tall walls around the city that were 30 meters tall would be destroyed by the sea of bugs in less than an hour.

Once the defense walls fell, the civilians and soldiers in the city would be butchered.

“Whatever. Let’s help them first. Enough people have died already.”

Zhong Dajun was a nice guy, and a golden totem pattern rose above his head while he spoke. In the next moment, the totem pattern merged into space and appeared above Las Vegas. In a flash, the bugs that got into the city were turned to dust, and an energy sphere that was stronger and more powerful wrapped around the city.

At this same time, Zhong Dajun’s hair and brows all grew out at a visible speed under the power of totems, restoring his former presence.

The orc priests who arrived on Earth fell into a moment of shock and elation! They sensed that presence which had disappeared for a long time.

“It is the presence of Pope Entus!” these orc priests thought to themselves.

“Alright, it is time to do the main work,” Fei laughed.

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