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Hail the King Chapter 1227.1

Chapter 1227: Collapsed Civilization (Part One)

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“Where is this place? Is this Hell?”

Zhong Dajun and Fei looked at the grey sky and the monotone world that had no other color except for grey. This environment brought them a sense of suffocation.

It was grey everywhere in this strange world. The land was in the same color as the sky, making it seem like they were connected. The color of cement dominated the world, and no life energy could be sensed. Not even a single blade of grass could be seen.

The key was that there wasn’t even wind in this place. It seemed like this world was frozen in time, feeling like a pond of still water.

Looking up, the many stars were vaguely visible, looking mysterious and profound.

This should be a planet that was far away from Earth.

Fei unleashed his spirit energy like a flood and quickly obtained enough information.

“This is a star very far away from the Solar System, and it is thousands of times larger than Earth. Such an environment… it seems like there had been lifeforms on this planet once in history.” Fei pulled back his spirit energy and sighed, “I sensed some information about the bugs. This is a paradise for the bugs, but it doesn’t seem to be their homebase.”

Zhong Dajun nodded and said, “That is right. This place seems like one of their small bases. I sense my totem seal, and the mothership of life of the bugs that fought with my spirit energy is on this planet! Damn it! I must get my revenge today! I will f*cking kill it!”

“Don’t alert the enemies right now. Let’s look around.” Fei stopped Zhong Dajun from doing anything irrational.

After checking the directions, the two flew forward.

It seemed like they appeared inside a giant desert. With their flying speed, they finally saw something else than the desert after flying for about two hours.

It seemed to be a city that was deserted for countless years.

The collapsed buildings were half-buried inside the cement-colored desert, and the broken edges of structures were everywhere.

There were many magnificent buildings that looked like pyramids, but they looked aged and decayed. They were mostly worn-down, and time had corroded away their glamour.

“Such a giant city…” Fei lamented in the sky.

Although the buildings on the ground looked decayed, it was easy to imagine how prosperous this place was when it was in its prime. This had once been a magnificent city with many beautiful structures. At least such a giant and fancy city wouldn’t appear on Earth. Only the prosperous capitals of empires above level 7 on the Azeroth Continent could rival its glory when this city was still intact.

Unfortunately, this city had become a part of history.

Fei and Zhong Dajun discovered the presence of many bugs in this city. It seemed like most of the bugs were sleeping as if they were in hibernation.

Only a small number of low-level bugs were patrolling the city in the pre-arranged routes.

“If I’m not wrong, this was a planet that was full of life, and it had a glorious history and civilization. However, under the invasion of the bugs, everything got destroyed overnight. Perhaps the native creatures on this planet tried to fight back aggressively, and that was why the bugs didn’t leave any seeds on this planet since they were angry. Instead of letting some creatures live and repopulate the planet, the bugs completely wiped out all creatures, and this planet that was once lively became the bugs’ base for hibernation and transition,” Fei sighed.

“Hunting across the universe and in countless dimensions? This is a terrifying race! It seems like they were created for destruction and devouring others.” Zhong Dajun’s face also changed color. “No wonder they were called the Polluters! They are like a group of locusts and the source of all pollution! Everything will be stained regardless of where they go!”

“Let’s go and take a look.” A series of ripples appeared around Fei, and he slowly descended toward the city below. (Read on Noodletowntranslated dot com to support the translators and editors)

Zhong Dajun followed Fei closely. (Read on Noodletowntranslated dot com to support the translators and editors)

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