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Hail the King Chapter 1227.2

Chapter 1227: Collapsed Civilization (Part Two)

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With their strength, they could easily block off all their presences and auras. Even if they were standing before a group of bugs, the latter couldn’t discover them.

The city on the ground was vast and stunning. When they landed, it felt like two sand grains fell into a desert, looking extremely insignificant.

While flying through the collapsed and decayed buildings at such a close range, the two sensed the magnificence of this city and felt pity toward the destruction of this civilization.

The runes that were engraved on the buildings were beautiful and delicate, showing an extremely high degree of artistic skill.

From the look of things, it seemed like this was a mature civilization. Unlike Earth that was relying on scientific technology and the Azeroth Continent that was relying on magic and warrior energy, this civilization was walking on the path of rune technology. From the runes that were engraved on buildings and items, it was clear that the technology level of this city was hundreds of times more advanced compared with the technology on Earth.

“They had the technology to explore the universe and enter a new era, and their powerful rune weapons could allow them to colonize other planets. However, they were destroyed by the bugs in the end…”

Fei and Zhong Dajun couldn’t help but lament over the fall of this civilization, and they were stunned by the terrifying power of the bugs once more.

Soon, the two found some dried skeletons and corpses. They should once be the natives on this planet.

Judging from the skeletons, it seemed like these creatures were similar to humans, but they were much bigger. Ordinary beings were about three meters tall, and even the children were close to two meters tall.

This city should have been raided by the bugs, and most of the civilians didn’t get the chance to fight back before they were attacked. Most of the corpses weren’t intact as they were torn apart. Almost all skeletons had big holes in them, and most of the skulls had big holes in them as well.

“Could it be that the bugs absorbed the fruits of development of this rune civilization?” Fei instantly thought about the plot in the sci-fi movie ‘Starship Troopers’.

The bugs in that movie sucked the brains of other races to obtain the knowledge and power of other civilizations. They had an insane speed of progression, and they could quickly evolve and achieve the functions that other races could only realize using technology or other items.

“I got it. Perhaps those motherships of life of the bugs that appeared in the Solar System were high-level bugs that evolved based on the interstellar spaceships that this rune civilization had!” Zhong Dajun had a sudden understanding.

No wonder Zhong Dajun felt like it was familiar when he looked at the runes about spaceships that were engraved on the broken buildings. He had discovered the origin of the motherships of life of the bugs.

This was a terrifying race!(Read on Noodletowntranslated dot com to support the translators and editors)

“From the level of decay of these skeletons, it seems like this civilization was only destroyed less than 1,000 years ago. Since their rune technology is so advanced, I wonder if they left clues. Perhaps they saved something that could be used by the Earth or the Azeroth Continent.”(Read on Noodletowntranslated dot com to support the translators and editors)

“Hahaha! Let’s look around! I feel like I’m Dr. Indiana Jones who is on an adventure in an ancient ruin. It makes my blood boil! Let’s start!”

The two hoped that they could find something left by this rune civilization.(Read on Noodletowntranslated dot com to support the translators and editors)

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