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Hail the King Chapter 1228.1

Chapter 1228: The Ruin of the Rune Civilization (Part One)

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Looking down from the sky and scanning around with their spirit energy, Fei and Zhong Dajun quickly arrived at the core of these magnificent buildings.

If these two weren’t wrong, the giant tower-like building that was more than 1,000 meters tall but got cut in half should be this city’s administrative hall or something similar to that.

After searching around, Fei and Zhong Dajun did find some intact weapons and books.

“It seems like the bugs aren’t interested in these things, so they didn’t damage them…” Fei was a little excited.

Zhong Dajun quickly flipped through several books and felt a headache. “They probably are great things, but the problem is that we can’t use them. Look at these damn messy vertical and horizontal lines. Is this the language of this civilization?”

“We don’t know. We can slowly learn this language.”

Fei wasn’t impatient. He found a relatively quiet room and started to slowly flip through these book-like documents.

Under the effect of his miraculous skill [Learn], Fei was soon intoxicated by these documents and quickly made a discovery.

The books of this rune civilization weren’t made with paper. Instead, it was made with a strange material that was unknown to Fei. However, since it was still around after many years of decay, the toughness and durability of this material was insane.

Fei tried to activate the books using the method of activating magic arrays. He tried a few times and quickly made surprising discoveries.

These documents full of runes were sensitive to any forms of energy including magic energy, warrior energy, and spirit energy. After injecting energy into them, all the documents reacted. Many light dots appeared on the documents, and these light dots created lines and formed patterns that seemed like the text of this civilization.

This discovery excited Fei.

Zhong Dajun was more interested in the rune weapons, so he started to study those things carefully.

Time quickly passed by.

About six hours later, Fei slowly put down the books in his hands and nodded. He said to Zhong Dajun, “I think I figured out a portion of their language and obtained some pieces of information. We can try some of the things that they left…”

“What are you referring to?” Zhong Dajun asked expectantly.

“Many things. For example, these weapons.” Fei casually grabbed a weapon that had a streamlined body and looked like an energy assault rifle. After checking it to make sure that it had no issues and making some adjustments, Fei injected energy into it and pulled the trigger while aiming at a 100-meter-tall building far away.


A few blue light beams shot out, and the big building that didn’t collapse after all this time instantly got smashed in half.

“So powerful! It is equivalent to the full-force attack of an Eight-Star Warrior.” Zhong Dajun’s eyes lit up, and he said quickly, “Hurry! Tell me how to use it.”(Read on Noodletowntranslated dot com to support the translators and editors)

Fei taught Zhong Dajun how to use the energy gun, and the two of them shot at the buildings far away for a while before stopping in satisfaction.(Read on Noodletowntranslated dot com to support the translators and editors)

Fei laughed and said, “These weapons can be used when energy is injected into them. Perhaps electricity will work as well. These weapons are interesting. Just think about it! If the civilians on Earth and the Azeroth Continent all have such guns, perhaps our chance of winning against the bugs’ invasion will increase by quite a bit.”

“However, we can’t mass produce such guns. We don’t have the materials and the technologies of this rune civilization, and we can’t make them.” Zhong Dajun agreed with what Fei said, but he didn’t think that this plan was plausible.(Read on Noodletowntranslated dot com to support the translators and editors)

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