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Hail the King Chapter 1228.2

Chapter 1228: The Ruin of the Rune Civilization (Part Two)

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“Not necessarily. I believe that all things have similarities. Right now, the main goal should be understanding the theories behind the technologies of the rune civilization. I should have brought Cain and Akara over. They would be very interested in these things.” Fei was extremely confident in the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory.

At this moment, sudden changes occurred.

A series of vibration noises sounded, and the ground started to quake.

Then, streaks of mystical spirit energy waves and frequencies appeared in the sky.

“Oh, we have work to do now. Didn’t you say that you want to seek revenge? Now, your opportunity is here. The explosions woke up some bugs that were in hibernation. You can go and kill them. Be careful of the motherships of life of the bugs that were in hibernation. If you get KO’d by them, I won’t go out and save you,” Fei laughed.

“Damn it! You want me to kill the bugs alone? What are you going to do?” Zhong Dajun pouted in displeasure.

“I’m going to continue studying these things. I want to know the details about their war with the bugs.” After saying that, Fei turned around and walked toward the top floor of the giant tower-like building in the center of the city without looking back.

Zhong Dajun was at a loss for words.

In the next second, the heated battle began.

Zhong Dajun’s strength had recovered once he woke up, and it continued to rise. Dealing with these bugs before him was like playing; he didn’t even need to sing the orc battle songs. Instead, many faint-golden totem patterns flew out of his body, and large herds of bugs were turned into ashes.

At the same time, Fei unleashed a streak of mystical spirit energy wave, engulfing more than half of the planet and preventing the bugs from communicating using spirit energy. He stopped the communication between some of the centers and the headquarters on this planet so that no unnecessary changes would take place.

About a day later, Zhong Dajun returned and stood in front of Fei. He looked exhausted and messy with a few streaks of blood on his chin.

“You took care of all the trouble?” Fei looked at the bright eyes of this sly young man who looked messy, and he knew that the latter obtained new inspiration through this battle with the bugs.

“Damn it! I risked it again and finally killed that enemy. Also, I took out three more motherships of life. Those damn things all reached level 1 True God Realm. I almost got smashed by them.” Zhong Dajun wiped the blood off his chin and complained, “I was out there fighting to the death, yet you were chilling and didn’t even sweat.”

“Ha! This is a practice for you. When the full-on war breaks out between the Azeroth Continent and the bugs, such situations will be more frequent. Now that you are more familiar with the bugs’ combat style, you will have a higher chance of survival later,” Fei laughed, “In the Mythical Era, the gods and demons were many times more powerful than you, but most of them died in that war. Do you think you are unrivaled?”

“Damn it! In the end, you can just say that my fate is tragic. Ever since I met you, Daddy’s good luck was over!” Zhong Dajun complained a bit more.

“Alright, let’s look at these things,” Fei said as he got before something that looked like a supercomputer. He typed something into it, and a series of slight vibrations sounded. Blue lights radiated from the walls on all sides, and a blue figure was projected into the center of the room.(Read on Noodletowntranslated dot com to support the translators and editors)

This was Fei and Zhong Dajun’s first time seeing the looks of a native on this planet.(Read on Noodletowntranslated dot com to support the translators and editors)

The creatures on this planet did look like the humans on Earth, but their bodies were much bigger. This projected figure before them was extremely muscular and looked to have explosive strength. There was a layer of bone-like substance on him. It looked like armor but was grown on him.(Read on Noodletowntranslated dot com to support the translators and editors)

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