Chapter 1229: Further Information (Part One)

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A series of gibberish came out of this giant and life-like virtual projected figure’s mouth.

“Damn! What is he speaking?” Zhong Dajun was a little confused and stunned.

With a smile, Fei translated every word that this projected figure said casually.

The brief overview of what this projected figure said was the history of this race. They went from weak to powerful, and then from powerful to peak development. Gradually, they entered the Age of interstellar Sailing. However, they accidentally encountered the bugs when they were in the process of interstellar colonization, and they quickly lost the war. Their resource planets were conquered one after another, and the super interstellar fleets were also crushed one by one. The bugs soon found this home planet, and the life flame of this civilization was quickly extinguished.

Just as Fei guessed before, this civilization had an unyielding spirit and fought back aggressively.

With the rune technologies that this race had, they severely injured the bugs in the war as well, threatening the safety of the bugs. As a result, the bugs were enraged, and they completely wiped out all lifeforms on this planet, not leaving behind any signs of life.

It turned out that Fei and Zhong Dajun came to the home planet of this rune civilization.

While the giant projected figure talked, he reached out his hand and pulled out a virtual star map.

The star map showed the amount of space that this race controlled in the universe. There were at least 100 planets, and the majority of this unknown galaxy was under the control of this race.

However, within half a year since they encountered the bugs, these blue planets that represented resources and colonization turned red.

The stars that were quickly changing color on the map showed how terrifying that period of time was.

Those button-sized light dots on the map represented many planets that each contained a population of more than 10 million beings. When a light dot turned red, it meant that the creatures on the given planet were completely wiped out.

Even though Fei and Zhong Dajun were powerful, they trembled subconsciously when looking at this star map.

This was a proud and great civilization, and their strength was tens of thousands of times stronger than Earth and even more powerful compared to the current Azeroth Continent. However, it was crushed by the bugs within a year. It was enough to show how terrifying the bugs, the Polluters in the universe, were.

The projected figure quickly told the story, but the shock remained for a long time.

“They had once severely injured the bugs and threatened the bugs’ survival.” Glints flashed in Fei’s eyes. “It means that perhaps they were once extremely close to wiping out the bugs. Maybe they found the bugs’ weakness? If we can also find this method, maybe we can completely wipe out the threat coming from the Polluters as well.” [Support the translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Zhong Dajun nodded. Before, he didn’t think that Fei could get anything out of studying this civilization that was ruined by the bugs close to 1,000 years ago, and he looked at Fei’s behavior with slight contempt. Now, he was shocked by this race’s power and Fei’s insane learning abilities.

Zhong Dajun thought to himself, “This civilization was wiped out about 1,000 years ago, yet the things that they left can still be used. This civilization was terrifying! If they didn’t encounter the bugs, the terrifying civilization destroyers, back then, what level of development would they have now?”

“Let’s look at some other things.” Fei continued to inject energy into the giant machine before him, and more and more information was revealed on it.

There were scenes from that great war…

There were scenes where interstellar spaceships crashed into a planet…

There were scenes where the bugs hunted down the natives on this planet…

This was like a sci-fi movie.

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