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Hail the King Chapter 1229.2

Chapter 1229: Further Information (Part Two)

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“We can bring these things back and use them as teaching materials. The warriors on Earth and the Azeroth Continent can get used to these scenes, so they wouldn’t panic and feel helpless.” Fei used his control of the laws of nature and moved all these things into his grand godly realm, temporarily safekeeping them.

“Right now, the most important thing is that we need to find the method that this rune civilization used to severely injure the bugs. Unfortunately, there are no clues here.” Fei sounded disappointed.

Zhong Dajun frowned and said, “After close to 1,000 years, perhaps this method was already destroyed in the flames of war.”

“The more precious something is, it should be more carefully preserved.” Fei still had a sliver of hope and didn’t want to give up. “Let’s search around a bit more. I hope that we can find something on this planet.”

The two instantly started to search for buildings and other city-like ruins on this giant planet.

After searching, the two did make some discoveries, and Fei learned about what happened in the past.

“They actually used biotechnology…” From some clues that they discovered, Fei found an underground base that this civilization left on the planet.

This underground base was almost intact; it wasn’t discovered by the bugs, so it wasn’t destroyed. There were many weapons, battleships, and energy storages. Except for those, all kinds of art pieces, scrolls, sculptures, genetic code records of animals and plants, frozen genes of animals and plants, and many rune technology books were safekept here. This should be the last place of hope for this civilization, and they preserved all the knowledge and technologies of this rune civilization here.

Inside a machine that looked like a supercomputer, Fei found the ‘weapon’ that this civilization used to severely injure the bugs.

The natives on this planet used biochemical tactics and launched germ warfare against the bugs. The virus that this civilization especially created for the bugs almost completely wiped out all bugs. Unfortunately, the insane speed of adaptation allowed the bugs to survive this disaster, and they became immune to this virus.

“Since this is the case, this method won’t work again. We can’t use it anymore…” Zhong Dajun was also greatly disappointed. “The adaptability and the evolving speed of the bugs are well known. Since they are now immune to this virus, it wouldn’t work anymore.”

“Indeed.” Fei didn’t anticipate such a finding, and disappointment was written all over his face. However, at this moment, a streak of lightning flashed in his mind as he suddenly thought of something. Then, he used his great power and moved this entire base into his grand godly realm.

Next, he dragged Zhong Dajun out of here.

“What did you think about?” Zhong Dajun was curious.

“Let’s go and check those motherships of life that you killed first.” Fei suddenly changed the topic.

“Damn! It is really big!” Seeing the mountain-like corpses, Fei was shocked by the size of these bugs.

These about a dozen high-level bugs that had god-level spirit energy were giant! Their corpses were only smaller than that of the goblin supreme god who had the Goblin Realm in his body.

With these bugs’ corpses on the ground, it seemed like there were several giant rolling hills. From the looks of it, these bugs were like spaceships. They had a thick layer of bones on their surface, and many vicious and sharp spikes could be seen on the outside. They were black and all had the bone texture, and a metallic glare could be seen on them.

It was hard to imagine that these things evolved from lifeforms.

Fei emitted his spirit energy to scan these corpses.

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