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Hail the King Chapter 123

Chapter 123: I want to Feel Happier!

                Everyone at the top of Eastern Mountain almost vomited and fainted. This little King’s tone and word choice was a little too rude. How could this represent the demeanor of a small Royal Family? It was more like a flustered gangster!

Could it be that he lost his mind due to what happened today?

It was no wonder since at his most proud and glorious moment, a catastrophe occurred. Not only did the crowning ceremony become a big joke, but even his fiancée and loyal men were all killed on the spot. If it was anyone else in his shoes that was dealt such a huge blow, they would probably have coughed out blood and died; even going mad would be a better result.

Modric laughed and said, “Alexander, even if you faked death and escaped, what can you do? Did you really think you could save anything right now?”

He proudly smiled, and then suddenly smudged his face with his right hand.

After a burst of blue flashing ripples that gave off a trace of wood magic energy, a layer gradually spread out and his face completely changed. It was no longer the gentle blonde smiling prince of Lake Kingdom, but rather someone unfamiliar to Fei.

“Wood elemental illusion magic?” someone exclaimed.

“He’s [Butcher] Sandro… a knight commander under His Highness Dominguez! I’ve seen him before…” someone exclaimed as he recognized this unfamiliar face.

Hearing someone calling out his name, Sandro’s arrogant expression bloomed even brighter. “Hahaha, Alexander, now you should know why I would help Ms. Paris. Do you now understand why these two people are still alive?”

Behind Sandro stood two people that should have been dead.

The muscular earth elemental warrior Hershzen and Okocha. (TL: might have been previously translated as Aobina my badddd)

The former committed suicide by taking poison after he failed his assassination attempt on Fei and was chased around, like playing Whac-A-Mole back to the hotel he was staying at. The latter was massacred along with his guards at the hotel they were residing in by some mysterious figure.

But now, they were both alive and sound.

They had proud and mocking smiles, and their eyes were filled with resentment when looking at Fei. It was this little king that they originally overlooked, which left them with no choice but to “die” once, and it almost screwed up Dominguez’s big plan.

“I get it now. On that night, it was you that passed on the message in advance to the Thrace Kingdom emissary group and let them create the disguise that they were all annihilated and that Prince Okacha was killed. You also found someone to replace Hershzen’s death and deceive me, right?” Fei’s sudden realization showed on his face.

“You are not that stupid,” Thrace Kingdom’s Prince Okocha sneered and advanced a step.

“I was wondering how someone could kill over 200 people that quickly. I didn’t even sense it outside a thousand meters. So that’s what happened…” Fei touched his chin as he said, “However, you guys are really cruel. You actually killed that many of your own guards just because you were afraid that I might find out something… You guys are really f*cking worse than animals.”

“Afraid of you? Idiot, you really overestimate yourself. Her Highness Paris just didn’t want to disturb the Elder Prince so she purposely threw out this smoke array.” Okocha looked at Fei as if he was  looking at an idiot and laughed disdainfully, “Little King, you should worry about yourself. Chambord City is destined to be erased off the map today. Your people will all die and turn into ash, and they will be  thrown into the lake with you to feed the fish!”

After being called worse than an animal, Okocha’s face turned dark.

No one expected that at this moment, Paris unexpectedly took a step forward, smiled and said, “King Alexander, I have to admit that you are a genius with great potential. If you swear to work for His Royal Highness Dominguez, I can let you go today, and even your Chambord City can be saved. You can continue to be your King, and I can also promise you that in two months after the Imperial War Practice, Chambord City can be promoted to a tier 3 subsidiary kingdom.”


Fei patted his thighs and laughed with tears almost coming out. “You old granny, are you offering a meal out of pity mixed with contempt? Could it be… hehe, could it be that you are scared?” Then, before waiting for Paris to reply, Fei suddenly looked ruthless, without even a trace of a smile left on his face. He stared angrily and pointed in disdain as he shouted, “Go f*ck yourself! Dominguez can go f*ck himself too. F*ck your tier 3 kingdom; if I want something, can’t I just grab it myself? Since when did I need to ask you arrogant b*tches for charity? Today, as long as I’m not happy, no one can f*cking think about leaving this mountain alive!”

This speech left everyone on the mountain dumbfounded.

Even the Eldest Princess, [God of War] Arshavin and Paris couldn’t close their mouths.

After all these days of stress that were supressed in his heart, plus everything that happened on the Eastern Mountain today, Fei simply wanted to let it all out.

He directly placed his two hands on his waist and started swearing with spit flying everywhere.

“What dog sh*t King demeanor, what dog sh*t royal family etiquette, all of you can f*ck off to the side. That’s right, you guys are the big people; you guys are all bosses, and just one fart from you guys can blow away my Chambord City. You guys want to kill each other, and I can’t control that, but can you guys not just all come to my territory and start f*cking each other? You want to eliminate my kingdom and kill my people? Alright, that’s fine. Hehe, today I will let you big figures see what it looks like when a small character like me goes crazy.”

Right after he finished swearing and before everyone could react, Fei suddenly flashed, and in the next second, an after-image appeared in the air. While moving at high speed, he reached out his two hands and grabbed something in the void, and after a purple and green flash of light, the Purple Green Duo Swords appeared in his hands.

“Hahaha, I will take some interest first.”

Fei laughed and swung with both hands. The duo swords drew two beautiful rainbows in the air and roared towards Modric and the other two people.

On the top of Eastern Mountain, nobody could have expected that in such a disadvantaged situation, this mad little King would actually dare to attack first.

Seeing the purple and green swords coming, Okocha and his guard Hershzen sneered and pulled out their weapons to counter. They were four star warriors like Fei, so obviously they were not afraid of this 2v1 situation and even charged up to take on Fei.



An earth-shattering roar sounded in the ears of these two men. Then, the huge sound wave also incredibly penetrated their bodies, deeply shocked their souls. In the next second, they didn’t know where their endless fear came from, but like a free-flowing river, it unstoppably rushed to their hearts and instantly magnifying their pupils and made their bodies stiff…

Then, the sharp flaming flash arrived.


Two blood springs erupted from the two heads that flew into the air.

Bang! Bang!

Hershzen and Okocha’s headless bodies twitched and fell to the ground.

No one could have guessed that with just one move, this seriously injured little king that looked like he could die any second would take the heads of two elites at the same level.


It was completely quiet until waves of people breathing in cold ear could be heard, breaking the instant of silence on the Eastern mountain. Everyone felt a chill from their a---s all the way up to their spine!


Waves of sharp, yet hoarse calls could be heard.

Far in the depths of the mountains, countless huge swallow birds flew through the magnificent golden sea of clouds. They stretched their wings and came flying like a dark black cloud. The bloody taste of the top of Eastern Mountain allowed them to feel the temptation of delicious food.

“Hehe, this time I’m feeling a little happier!”

Fei raised his feet and used the bottom of his shoe to rub off some of the blood on the swords. Then, he comfortably stretched his back, kicked the two dead bodies beside his feet, revealed two rows of big white teeth and laughed, “You guys are really dead this time, right? Haha, why don’t you stand up and play dead again and let me see again?”


[Butcher] Sandro seemed to lose his soul. It was like someone had shoved a spiky mace up his a-s as he kept on screaming and running. This so-called [Butcher] has the gut of a mouse; he was so scared that piss and feces almost shot out of his pants. He climbed and rolled behind Paris. How was he in any way similar to that arrogant person that successfully took down the two main fighters on the Eldest Princess’s side?

Qiang! Qiang! Qiang! Qiang!

As for Fei, he was like a gangster and didn’t have the demeanor of a master at all. He smiled and banged the two magical swords in his hands. Not masking the arrogance in his eyes, he said, “Hey, old granny Paris, I want to feel happier. What do you think should happen?”

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