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Hail the King Chapter 1231.1

Chapter 1231: Before Going Back (Part One)

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“Just because of this type of rock?” Fei couldn’t believe it as he looked at the fruit of Cain’s research.

“The white mist that can corrode spirit energy is made from the powder of these sword-shaped crystalized rocks? A type of ordinary rocks on Earth has such power?”

“According to the people on Earth, it is called aragonite, and its chemical formula is CaCO₃. It is a rare mineral, and it is crystalized, looking like spearheads or small thick swords. They are usually found in the shape of hexagonal crystals of threes…” Cain started to explain using the mineralogy jargons.

“Alright, alright, alright. You have only been on Earth for a few days; do you really think that you are a scientist now?” Fei interrupted Cain without hesitation and said, “Just directly tell me how this thing corrodes spirit energy. How will it be helpful to us?”

“It is extremely effective. It is said that the Americans discovered the effect of this type of minerals coincidentally, and they ground these rocks into powder and turned them into a mist. That is how they used it to corrode the spirit energy of the bugs. If we use it according to the magic arrays and alchemy theories, I’m confident I can make a potion that can instantly destroy god-level spirit energy waves and frequencies. This type of crystal is unique, and I can’t really explain why such crystals contain mystical energy,” Cain explained while pondering, “According to theories, a place with scarce energy like Earth shouldn’t attract the Polluters’ attention. However, the Polluters did come. I suspect that the Polluters didn’t come here to hunt but to get something. Perhaps getting such crystals is one of their missions. After all, such crystals counter the spirit energy of the bugs too well! It almost seems like these crystals were created to be the bugs’ kryptonite.”

“So powerful?” Fei grabbed a white crystal and emitted a trace of spirit energy. Just as he expected, his spirit energy had a hard time penetrating deep into this crystal. When he mimicked the spirit energy frequencies of the bugs, they were instantly destroyed.[Support the translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Such crystals were indeed the perfect counters to the bugs!

“What about the suppression of spirit energy? I remember that there was a mystical power in the room where the Americans kept Zhong Dajun. It seems to be a force beyond the laws of nature, and it can suppress all forms of spirit energy to an extreme degree. Did you find the source?” Fei asked as he put away the white crystal in his hand.

“We only found a large deposit of such crystals a few hundred meters below that room. Except for that, there seems to be no other reasons. One thing is for sure; the large deposit of aragonite isn’t the reason that your spirit energy was greatly suppressed.” Cain also looked confused when this matter was brought up. “Also, the interesting thing is that except for you, others like Torres didn’t sense their spirit energy being suppressed in that room.”

“What? Fei was shocked. “Only I sensed this power?”

“Yeah.” Cain nodded and said, “Let’s go. That place has been dug open by us. Perhaps you will make some new discoveries.”

While talking, the two walked forward and soon came to the room where the Americans kept Zhong Dajun when the latter fainted.

This room was already hundreds of meters below the ground, and it now looked completly different after the second exploration. The Joint Laboratory was now the top-tier organization on Earth. Under the guidance of people like Cain, a mass-scale operation took place here. The ground was dug, and a ton of aragonite was taken out and safeguarded as a strategic resource. Now, a big mine pit replaced the former room.

As soon as Fei stepped into the mine pit, he released his spirit energy.

This time, he confirmed that his spirit energy which was in the peak Godly King Realm was suppressed to about one-ten-thousandth, falling back to the peak Moon-Class Realm. He felt like a supreme god was hostile toward him and limited his abilities.

Cain and other masters of the Northern Region Empire didn’t feel anything.

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