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Hail the King Chapter 1231.2

Chapter 1231: Before Going Back (Part Two)

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“What is going on?” Fei was shocked. He slowly walked in a mine tunnel and carefully sensed his surroundings. His spirit energy rushed out like waves and gradually captured some patterns. When he moved toward the northwest direction, that suppression force became stronger.

“Is there something hidden underground?” Fei guessed something.

With godly light illuminating around him, Fei dashed into the ground like a godly dragon that dashed into the ocean. He continued to search around and moved toward the northwest while dashing downward.

His instinct wasn’t wrong.

The further he moved in that direction, the more suppressed his spirit energy was. In the end, it dropped to the Half-Moon Realm.

“There must be something here.” Fei was sure of it as he quickly moved toward the northwest direction.

After Fei moved downward for a long while, the soil around him gradually became hot. Suddenly, he could only see red before him. He actually dashed into the core of Earth. Lava was all around him, and he felt the shocking temperature outside his protective shield.

Two golden light beams dashed out of Fei’s eyes, penetrated the lava, and searched around.

At this place, his spirit energy was suppressed so much that he could only inspect everything around him with his eyes, trying to find the source of the suppression.

“I see it… that is… oh god! It is unbelievable! It is… a set of armor…”

Fei didn’t expect to see a set of silver full-body armor at the Earth’s core.

This set of armor was no different from a real person, and it was slowly floating in the lava. As if it had a life of its own, it emitted a mass of brilliant and indescribable mist. [Support the translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

This set of armor looked plain; it felt like something that an ordinary swordsman on the Azeroth Continent would wear. There were no complex engravings, and there were also no gems inlaid in it. The streamlined curvatures and smooth surface felt ancient and simple.

“This is the source of the suppression of my spirit energy. Strange… how come it only works on me?” Fei slowly approached this set of armor.

An extremely familiar presence was being emitted from this set of armor, and it seemed to be calling out to Fei silently like a loved one.

When Fei was about ten meters away from this set of armor, his body suddenly shook, and two masses of silver flames flew out of his body without his control, slowly spinning around the silver armor.

They were the Scepter of Creation and the Throne of Creation!

These two most powerful and most insane items of inheritance on Fei seemed to have been revived, and they let out a series of chirps, lightly vibrated, and spun around the armor as if they met an old friend.

“Could it be…”

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  1. alexanderkingofchambord

    OMG!!! this is insane …thanks for the chapter

  2. goldenxman

    Love this novel .

  3. OG

    Amazing I wonder if the earth core is actually a god living in that armor. Now that tue real gods saw polluters coming they dumped fei in to save/move them to his new grand realm and after settling the expose to the earth dimension.

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