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Hail the King Chapter 1232.1

Chapter 1232: A Similar Scene (Part One)

[TL Note: The last chapter was a 2-in-1; please read the second half if you missed it!]

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-The Azeroth Continent-

Ever since the meeting at the City of San Siro, the continent entered a period of real peace.

In the Chaos Era, the flames of war spread everywhere. Many civilians who were forced to move away from their homes finally got to go back or find a new home. The continent started to rest and recover.

Especially in the Northern Region and the Southern Region, changes were the most drastic. All the former power dynamics and structures completely reformed, and the various strange and unprecedented policies that the Human Emperor of the North established changed many people’s perspectives and the structure of the society. The civilians in the Southern Region and Northern Region benefited the most from such changes since they were at the bottom of the society.

Such changes caused a series of chain reactions.

The most noticeable was the unprecedented vitality that human civilization showed.

The progression speed that the human civilization recently demonstrated was unheard of in the last 1,000 years. In various fields such as warrior energy, magic, agriculture, architecture, music, medicine, and arts grew rapidly like rockets, and many industries prospered.

The war, as well as the new policies that the Human Emperor of the North created, were seen as the catalyst for the growth.

Besides, the existence of the Northern Region Empire was a big deterrent. Since the Human Emperor of the North showed no intention of expanding his control and expressed his desire for peace, all the wars on the continent ended almost overnight. The battle-hungry empires such as Barcelona and Juventus had to hold their tails between their legs and act low-key.

No one wanted to ignite flames of war and anger the Human Emperor of the North. At this point, no one could bare the full-force strike of the Northern Region Empire

Now, even the Holy Church was on the side of the Northern Region Empire. Platini and Blatter’s deaths and Stabila’s return signaled the end of all conflicts between the Holy Church and the Northern Region Empire. The two forces were now in their “honeymoon”.

If what was discussed during the meeting at the City of San Siro between the Human Emperor of the North, Pope Stabila, and the Continental Martial Saint was implemented, the Human Emperor of the North would also become the Pope of the Holy Church. Then, he would become the most powerful figure on the continent, and no one and no force could rival him.

Of course, some people and forces didn’t want to see the Human Emperor of the North become stronger and stronger. They tried to instigate new conflicts between the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church, but such conspiracies all failed as the two forces squashed them without mercy.

Now, almost everyone on the continent was looking forward to the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church becoming one.

As time passed by, the pre-arranged date that was agreed on during the meeting at the City of San Siro came.

On this day, the attention of the continent was completely drawn to the Holy Mountain at Sicily Island

According to the agreement, the old Pope Stabila was going to crown the Human Emperor of the North, and the latter was going to become the new Pope of the Holy Church.

This day was going to determine the fate of the continent and change the trajectory that it had for the last 1,000 years.

This day was going to be brilliant and recorded in history.

About half a month ago, the emperors of the super empires, the top-tier nobles, and the famous masters all received the invitation from the Holy Church; the Holy Church hoped that these big figures could come to this crowning ceremony and witness this historical moment.

Many people held pride in the fact that they received the invitation. It meant that their status was acknowledged by the overlord of Azeroth.

In the last three days, Sicily Island became extremely packed and bustling.

In the last 1,000 years, this was the first time that so many non-members of the Holy Church appeared on Sicily Island.

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