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Hail the King Chapter 1232.2

Chapter 1232: A Similar Scene (Part Two)

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Godly knights who were in silver armor walked out in neat formations, and the white-robed priests sang holy spiritual songs.

The entire Sicily Island was engulfed in the silver light of victory, and angels could be vaguely seen dancing in the clouds with their wings open.

Under everyone’s stares, Human Emperor Alexander of the North landed on the island.

This was an unprecedented ceremony

Except for old Pope Stabila who couldn’t come out in person to welcome the Human Emperor of the North due to his weak body, old age, and deteriorating health, all other high-level members of the Holy Church appeared to receive the Human Emperor of the North as subjects.

On the side of the Northern Region Empire, out of the 12 Gold Saints of the 12 Constellations who were the legendary guardians of Sky City and had been following Alexander since he was the King of Chambord, eight of them came. Standing beside these masters, the masters of the [Black-Cloth Shrine] and the Dark Palace of the Northern Region Empire that recently became famous all appeared on Sicily Island.

It was clear that both parties placed great emphasis on this crowning ceremony.

The most prestigious, most powerful, and most influential figures on the continent gathered on Sicily Island. If these people were all wiped out, the entire continent would fall into instant chaos.

However, it was clear that such a possibility didn’t even exist.

At this stage, everything was prepared, and everyone was waiting for the right time to come.

On this day, ocean tides surged, and the sun rose from the eastern horizon above the ocean. When the first strike of sunlight hit the peak of the Holy Mountain, the crowning ceremony began.

The majestic silver-armored godly knights rode on white warhorses, and they toured around Sicily Island on the sand. The silver and red flags fluttered in the morning wind like many flying godly dragons. The priests were singing holy spiritual songs on the stairs that led to the Holy Palace, and the songs echoed on the land and the ocean.

The beautiful girls and cute children in the choir also sang along, making the ceremony seem even more holy and pure.

This was the mandatory process that the new popes must take before being officially crowned.

At the same time, the top-tier nobles and famous masters on the continent gathered before the Holy Palace on the peak of the Holy Mountain.

Under the illumination of the first streak of sunlight, the 1,001 white jade steps emitted a holy glamour.

This was indeed a holy place.

Everyone felt like their minds were purified again and again while being engulfed in the holy spiritual songs and white light.

Further away on the white steps, the masters of the Northern Region Empire appeared one after another. They were the most loyal warriors, and they stood on both sides of the steps, creating a path of honor. While single-kneeling and raising their weapons high, they looked like gods who were receiving their lord with powerful energy surges around them.

Finally, Fei appeared before the first step of the staircase that had 1,001 steps.

He was in a pure white robe, and he was holding Queen Angela who was in a black long dress with his left hand and Queen Elena who was in red battle armor with his right hand. Walking side by side, these three people attracted the world’s attention. While the holy spiritual songs resonated in the sky, they slowly stepped onto the staircase!

The bell in the Holy Palace sounded at this moment.

Every time Fei and his two queens walked higher by one step, the bell would sound once.

The emperors, nobles, and masters from various empires and forces who were on both sides of the staircase all stood up; no one dared to remain seated at this moment. After all, the man and the two women who were walking past them were the most influential figures on the continent.

At this moment, almost everyone felt an illusion; they felt like this scene was familiar.

When people looked at Fei and Angela, this feeling intensified. They were sure that this scene appeared before, and…

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    No offense, by this time I feel like Fei intelligence is too shallow. I mean everyone should know by now that Fei was the highest god everyone keep give him hint even before that voice in side his head disappeared he also told Fei that these power and item are Fei’s and he and other supreme god was there just to prepared a path for him to rise back up

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