Chapter 1233: Crowning (Part One)

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The resonant sound of the bell echoed through the Sicily Island.

Looking at the man and the two women who were walking up the staircase, many people felt strange. They felt like they were seeing the scene that they saw not long ago but occurred more than 1,000 years ago.

When Fei stood with Angela while holding each other’s hands, they looked extremely similar to the Lord of God Clan and the Lord of Demon Clan.

A little while ago, the old Pope Stabila of the Holy Church showed the people who appeared at the City of San Siro during the meeting an ancient scroll that sealed some scenes from the ancient Mythical Era. In one of the scenes, the Lord of God Clan and the Lord of Demon Clan stood in the air after defeating the Polluters, and they emitted the dashing and unparalleled presence which was almost identical to what Fei and Angela had right now.

The only difference was that except for Angela who looked extremely similar to the Lord of Demon Clan, there was also the gorgeous Valkyrie Elena.

At this moment, a shaking senior appeared at the gate of the Holy Palace. He had thin hair, many age spots, and deep wrinkles.

He was Pope Stabila.

During the meeting at the City of San Siro a short time ago, this pope who had ruled the Holy Church in another era stated that his life was coming to an end after being tortured in the dungeon below the Holy Mountain, and he couldn’t live for more than a year.

Now, about half a year had passed, and the presence of decay and death grew clearer on him.

If it weren’t for his great power, perhaps this body would turn into dust when the wind blew on it.

About three days ago when the Human Emperor of the North appeared on Sicily Island, Stabila didn’t come out to receive him. Seeing that, many rumors said that this magnate couldn’t last any longer. It seemed like Stabila was pushing himself and trying to complete the last crowning ceremony.

Some people were even worried that this old man couldn’t last until the ceremony was over.

Others guessed that perhaps he was supported by the last bit of will in his mind. Once his last wish was granted as he placed the crown and the robe one the Human Emperor of the North, this old man would die in the wind and return to the stars’ embrace.

At this moment, Stabila no longer looked dominating and heroic. He could barely stand under the support of two old priests who were also white-haired.

Continental Martial Saint Maradona stood beside Stabila expressionlessly.

Seeing Fei coming up the stairs, Stabila concentrated and waited by the gate of the Holy Palace with the Scepter of Ragnarok in one hand, the golden and silver godly robe of the pope in the other, and the Crown of the Gods that represented the highest level of power in the Holy Church on his head.

When the Human Emperor of the North finished walking up the 1,001 steps and arrived before Stabila, the crowning ceremony would officially begin.

People’s eyes were shifting between Fei and Stabila.

Only a few extremely fortunate people throughout history could step on these 1,001 steps, and those who stepped on this path all engraved their names and legends in the history of Azeroth without an exception.

Without question, Fei was the youngest out of all these fortunate people. He was so young that it was sickening!

Finally, Fei arrived before Stabila under everyone’s stares.

“Child, this moment finally came.” A smile could be seen on Stabila’s face.

Fei quietly stared at this old man’s eyes, and he nodded and replied, “Yeah, it is finally here. I must admit that I almost can’t wait.”

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