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Hail the King Chapter 1233.2

Chapter 1233: Crowning (Part Two)

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“Child, greed is one of the original sins,” Stabila said with a smile while draping the golden and silver godly robe of the pope on Fei’s body.

Fei nodded and replied, “I think so as well. However, how come some people know about the terrifying consequences of the original sins yet still choose to walk on this path?”

“That is because sometimes, greed is a driving force behind the movement of history.” Stabila lightly hit Fei’s left and right shoulder with the Scepter of Ragnarok before offering the latter blessings and advice according to the crowning procedure.

“But history is always written by the victor, right?” Fei grabbed the Scepter of Ragnarok that Stabila passed to him and tightly grasped it in his hands, but his smile remained on his face.

“Of course, history is always written by the victor, but who is the final victor?” Stabila’s smile didn’t disappear as well.

The conversation between these two people was simple and ordinary, but it didn’t fit today’s occasion.

The two old priests beside Stabila were surprised as they looked at the old man and the young man who were in the process of transferring power. For some reason, they sensed a trace of hostility in this conversation.

Except for these two old priests, no one else overheard this conversation.

This was a conversation that would never appear in the history books.

Then, Stabila slowly took the Crown of the Gods off his head.

Under everyone’s stares, and while resonant and pure holy spiritual songs and the loud bell echoed in the area, this crown that represented the highest level of power was placed on Fei’s head as the latter single-kneeled.


This was the most important and most significant action today!

When the Crown of the Gods landed on Fei’s head, applause and cheers sounded from around the Holy Palace.

This moment finally arrived!

The Human Emperor of the North became the Pope of the Holy Church!

From now on, a new legend was about to be written on the Azeroth Continent. No one and no force could rival this young man who was only about 24 years old!

This young man was officially unrivaled and could overpower anyone.

The holy spiritual array on Sicily Island was triggered at this moment.

A total of 108 silver holy light beams dashed into the sky, looking like the fanciest and most beautiful fireworks in the world. While the light beams shone in the air, the holy spiritual songs suddenly paused, and the last bell ring from the Holy Palace ended as well. The angels with white wings slowly fell from the sky, looking like blooming white flowers and representing pureness and nobility.

Pope Alexander!

It was a new title!

The youngest pope in the Holy Church’s history!

A new era was about to begin for the Holy Church!

“Child, follow me! Just you alone!” Although Stabila still looked weak, he didn’t need the two old priests to help him at this moment. While staggering a little, he walked toward the gate of the Holy Palace that was engulfed in holy light.

With the scepter in his hand, the crown on his head, and the godly robe on his body, Fei followed Stabila into the Holy Palace.

At the same time, Continental Martial Saint Maradona also walked into the Holy Palace.

The two old priests looked at each other in shock.

“This isn’t set out in the official procedure of the crowning ceremony. Could it be that the old pope can’t hold on anymore? He has a few last words for the new pope before he dies? But why did Continental Martial Saint Maradona follow them?”

Under everyone’s stares, these three figures disappeared into the brilliant holy light. They were the three most powerful figures on the continent.

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