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Hail the King Chapter 1234.1

Chapter 1234: Time (Part One)

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The light could eliminate the darkness, but it could also hide the darkness.

The brilliant light around the Holy Palace on Sicily Island was holy and bright, and this holy and slightly eye-piercing light devoured Stabila, Fei, and Maradona. It looked as if the light devoured the darkness, but it also seemed like the darkness devoured the light.

The people outside the Holy Palace stood on the two sides of the staircase quietly, and some people looked surprised. Clearly, according to what was on their minds, this shouldn’t have happened. As the new Pope of the Holy Church, Alexander should stand before the gate of the Holy Palace and accept the worship of all members of the Holy Church and the congratulations from the masters on the continent.

As soon as he stepped into the Holy Palace, Fei’s vision blurred, and he felt like he traveled through a spatial tunnel.

Then, what entered his vision wasn’t the interior of a stone palace where many stone pillars stood and many flags with crosses on them hung. Instead, this was a pure-white space. The walls seemed to be engraved from the most beautiful and perfect jade, emitting pure presence. Except for these walls, there was nothing else! This vast place was empty!

“Is this the interior of the Holy Palace?” Fei was a little curious.

“Child, from your eyes, I can see the unhidden desire for power and surging ambition. Do you think that you can truly bear the position of the pope?” Stabila turned around and asked Fei with a strange expression on his face.

“Really? How come I feel like it is you who is ambitious and greedy for power? Mr. Stabila?” Fei answered casually as he looked around the interior of the Holy Palace.

“It looks like you already noticed something.” Stabila turned around and walked into the depths of the Holy Palace.

Fei followed Stabila with a good tempo and nodded while saying, “Of course. You might not believe what I say. I recently went to a beautiful place, but I was surprised to find that it was being attacked by the Polluters. This confused me. According to what you said and your evidence, the Polluters were wiped out by the Lord of the God Clan and the Lord of the Demon Clan. How come they appeared?”

“Oh, so you are the mysterious figure who destroyed [Mother Empress]’s plan and wiped out the soldiers of the clan at the Scorpius Galaxy. I was wondering who could wipe out an entire mid-sized clan of the Divine Race,” Stabila said in surprise.

“The Divine Race?” Fei was curious.

“Eh, the bugs like this title and go by this name.” Stabila turned around and smiled at Fei.

The conversation between these two people seemed like a friendly talk between old friends, and they both had smiles on their faces.

However, the short exchange between them completely changed the relationship between them! The change was so shocking that if any of the masters and priests outside the Holy Palace heard this conversation, they would faint due to fear.

The information that was revealed through this conversation was too much and too terrifying!

The most critical change was that Stabila started to transform.

This senior who looked like he was about to be blown onto the ground by the wind no longer looked old. At this moment, with every step he took, it seemed like his vitality recovered by a portion. After about ten steps, his hunched back straightened.

“Call themselves the Divine Race? So funny. How can anything divine look so ugly?” Fei laughed.

With the crown on his head, the scepter in his hand, and the godly robe on his body, Fei laughed out loud, and his laughter that was filled with contempt and disdain resonated inside the Holy Palace.

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