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Hail the King Chapter 1235.1

Chapter 1235: The Person Who Should Have Died (Part One)

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Dicanio looked at Fei with unhidden mockery on his face. He sneered and said, “Aren’t you going to consider your current situation? As someone who is about to die, your curiosity sure is strong. Should I say that you are dumb or too brave?”

Fei didn’t mind Dicanio’s mockery and replied calmly, “Since you think that you are the final victor, why don’t you thoroughly enjoy the feeling of winning? In my eyes, showing my defeated enemies how I won is a great way to destress and vent all the pent-up emotions.”

Dicanio nodded and laughed, “Yes, you are right. Indeed, letting you know why you lost and making you regret your missed opportunities is the perfect entertainment for me. Then, I will let you die with the full awareness of what happened.”

After a quick pause, Dicanio said in excitement, “In reality, if you disregarded everything and directly killed me during the meeting at the City of San Siro a while ago, defeating the Holy Church with force, perhaps the catastrophe that is about to strike the Azeroth Continent would have been delayed. After all, the Lord of the God Clan and the Lord of the Demon Clan severely injured [Mother Empress] 1,000 years ago and successfully sealed the spatial coordinates that other dimensions need to come to the Azeroth Continent. Even if [Mother Empress] woke up, the bugs can’t locate the Azeroth Continent in a short time.”

Fei seemed to have understood something, and he nodded and said, “Oh, I see. Then, you were doing something in the last while and exposed the Azeroth Continent’s spatial coordinates?”

“That is right. In the last month, I finally completed my mission. By using the holy power that the Holy Church accumulated in the last 1,000 years, I slowly destroyed the spatial barriers that the Lord of the God Clan and the Lord of the Demon Clan placed around the Azeroth Continent. Now, [Mother Empress] can come here with billions of bugs! They are about to come to this world!” Dicanio said in excitement, “Alexander, you had an opportunity to stop me, making the plan that I created in the last hundreds of years go to waste. However, you missed it! Do you regret your decision earlier?”

Fei nodded and replied honestly, “Eh, I sure regret my decision now that you told me these details.”

“For some reason, seeing you pretend to be calm, I’m suddenly not interested in talking with you anymore. You can directly die. After killing you, [Mother Empress] will have one less obstacle in the way. After you die, the Northern Region Empire will become a plate of sand grains. Our military will be able to hunt and feast on this continent that once shamed the Divine Race.”

Dicanio’s attitude became cold.

Fei was still smiling, and he asked, “Then, you are a perfect spy? I assume that the gods and demons turned the tables during that war and left some hidden cards on the continent. The bugs that were expelled also left some plans. Could it be that you have been on the continent and moved in secret ever since the great war in the Mythical Era?”

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  1. OG

    Oh this is gonna be a great fight.
    Thanks noodles. Thanks MEBR

  2. Djsosonut

    Got him monologuing.

  3. Fimbulwinter

    I love how he still refers to his own race as bugs sometimes, even though they are supposed to be the “divine race” and bugs is probably more of an derogatory term like ape or monkey would be to humans 😛

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