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Hail the King Chapter 1235.2

Chapter 1235: The Person Who Should Have Died (Part Two)

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“You are pretty smart.” Dicanio nodded and replied, “The bugs dominated many galaxies and dimensions in the universe and never experienced such a defeat. Although [Mother Empress] was severely injured, many hidden plans were placed on the continent. I’m one of them. My other peers were killed or sealed by the remaining masters of the God Clan and Demon Clan, and only I acted with caution and never exposed any traces of my plan or existence. I hid on the continent for hundreds of years, and I finally grasped the opportunity and controlled Pope Stabila with secret spirit energy techniques during his prime. Then, I started to corrode the entire Holy Church. Hahaha! The force that the Lord of the God Clan and the Lord of the Demon Clan created to defend against the bugs now became a tool of the bugs! Isn’t it ironic?”

“It sounds motivating. Out of so many spies, only you succeeded with your plan.” Fei even clapped to applaud Dicanio.

“We have wasted enough time for now. Human Emperor of the North, Die! Your friends and peers will soon go to Hell and accompany you. The bugs’ revenge will wash the continent with blood. No one will survive!” While Dicanio spoke, the bone spikes on him became sharper and sharper. The old human skin on him gradually fell, and he turned into a human-shaped bug while a powerful presence appeared.

Fei laughed and said, “Your ambition deserves praises, but I’m afraid that you don’t have the strength.”

As soon as he said that, energy flames rushed out of his body, almost dyeing the interior of the Holy Palace golden. An unimaginably powerful presence surged like a tsunami, instantly engulfing Dicanio.

“Level 9 Godly King Realm?” Dicanio’s face changed color, and he said, “In such a short time, your strength skyrocketed this much? I sure can’t leave you alive. Die!”

Before he finished speaking, many transparent bone spikes appeared in the air and pierced the golden light around Fei, aiming at Fei’s eyes, temples, and forehead.

These transparent bone spikes seemed like invisible and intangible matters, and they blinked in the air and had unpredictable trajectories. It was extremely strange.

“Spirit energy attack? It is useless on me!” Fei laughed.

Then, a translucent golden shield appeared before Fei; it was also a spirit energy technique.

The purple scroll that Fei cultivated contained many secret spirit energy techniques that the gods and demons gathered to counter the bugs.

Therefore, Fei easily blocked this spirit energy attack that would trouble other godly kings.

At this moment, a cunning smile appeared on Dicanio’s face.

In the next moment, something terrifying happened.

A powerful hidden force abruptly appeared behind Fei.

A phantom-like shadow struck both of his hands toward Fei’s back as if they were sabers, and the power that could destroy a godly king landed on Fei’s body.


Fei’s body was directly smashed away.

Then, this phantom-like shadow followed Fei and moved like a bolt of lightning. His fast punches contained sharp and shocking holy power, injecting destructive force into Fei’s body.

Blatter! This figure was Pope Blatter who should have been executed!

“He is still alive? Such calculation!”

“This was a conspiracy from the very beginning! A conspiracy to fool me!”

Fei instantly understood Dicanio’s plan.

No one would be cautious of a dead man.

Dicanio kept Blatter in the dark for this moment! He wanted to use Blatter who should be dead as a hidden card and strike Fei with the method that the latter least expected.

His plan was realized!

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  1. alexanderkingofchambord

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  2. Wynn

    It seems the polluter become the biggest enemy in the universe. But what about the mysterious skeleton? The escaped demon from the egg underground? The sea clan? So many potential enemies that suddenly missing

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      On the same note, where did Arshavin and Tanasha go off too lol. They’ve beensidelinedin some camp sibce forever ago.

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