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Hail the King Chapter 1236.1

Chapter 1236: The Death Penalty (Part One)

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“You are colluding with the bugs? Could it be that you are also a bug?” Fei’s body that was flying forward paused in mid-air, and he finally got a chance to block Blatter’s attack. During that moment, he stared at Blatter and asked with a grim expression.

Blatter looked crazy, and he laughed, “Who said that only bugs can kill you? I’m killing you only because you are fighting me! Besides, Mr. Dicanio already promised me that once the bugs come to the continent, he will beg [Mother Empress] to show mercy on me and give me the physique of a bug, becoming a member of the Divine Race! Haha!”

“You can be a human, but you want to be a bug? Foolish!” Fei unleashed his power and blocked Blatter’s terrifying punches.

“Haha! What do you know? As long as I can obtain eternal life, why can’t I become a bug?” Blatter laughed, “If I can obtain eternal life, it is worth it if the entire Azeroth Continent is destroyed!”

“Eternal life? Let me grant you eternal death!” Fei punched out as golden energy flames burned around him.


It felt like space was about to shatter. The internal space of the Holy Palace was strengthened by god-tier runes. Otherwise, space would have already shattered under such a forceful impact.

Blatter puked out mouthfuls of blood and backed off in shock. He was only at level 6 Godly King Realm, and there was a giant gap in strength between him and Fei. He only had the advantage since he sneaked attacked. Now that Fei reacted, the tables had been turned.

“A scum like you deserves to die!” Fei’s murderous spirit dashed out of his body, and the thick spirit energy shield around him blocked Dicanio’s godly-king-level spirit energy attacks.

Fei approached Blatter one step at a time, but Blatter didn’t show fear on his face.

Blatter coughed up blood, but he was smiling with joy. He slowly said, “Puff… Cough… You were sneak-attacked by me and got struck with the [Lightning of Gods’ Destruction]. My power is already in your organs and soul. Cough… With a thought, I can trigger the lightning energy in you and instantly kill you. Human Emperor of the North, regardless of how powerful you are, you are going to die at my hands! Hahaha!”

“Really?” Fei looked at Blatter with pity and said, “Then trigger your so-called [Lightning of Gods’ Destruction] and try.”

Blatter’s face changed color, and he shouted viciously, “Die! Explode!”

Nothing happened!

The scene that he anticipated where Fei would explode into pieces didn’t occur.

“Explode! Explode for me now! Explode! Explode! Explode!”

There was still no reaction.

At this moment, even a fool would know that this “ultimate strike” was useless.

Blatter realized that something was off, and he roared hoarsely while backing off like a bolt of lightning.

“Blatter, you went against the continent! I sentence you to the death penalty.” Fei took a step forward and instantly got to Blatter. He ignored his opponent’s crazy struggle and grabbed onto the latter’s neck, pulling him over

At this moment, Blatter was completely terrified.

“No! Don’t kill me! I surrender!” Like a dispirited animal, Blatter shouted, “I will stand with you. I will fight the bugs alongside you. I’m willing to give you everything in the Holy Church…”

“The Holy Church is already mine.” Fei wasn’t moved, and he twisted his wrist and broke Blatter’s neck.

Now that Fei was in the Godly King Realm, he was no longer constrained by special moves and combat techniques. His every casual move contained immeasurable power and could draw the laws of nature.

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  1. Bradley Slagle

    I thought he was gonna die when I read the title of this chapter XD

  2. Fimbulwinter

    What a pathetic end for one of the main antagonists xD
    Well, he did deserve this kinda ending.

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