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Hail the King Chapter 1236.2

Chapter 1236: The Death Penalty (Part Two)

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This was applied to the battle between Fei and Blatter. The emperor broke Blatter’s neck, and the laws of nature destroyed all the life energy inside him.


Fei casually threw Blatter’s corpse to the side.

The emperor already instantly drew the godly core energy from the corpse, and the mass of pure silver holy power dashed into Fei’s body.

Then, Fei stared at Dicanio with murderous spirit in his eyes as he approached his enemy.

“You are next.” Fei’s godly-sword-like stare locked onto Dicanio.

A cunning smile appeared on Dicanio’s face as if his scheme worked. “You are indeed powerful, and Blatter isn’t your match even though he sneak-attacked. By using you, I got rid of a burden. This dirty human wants to become a great bug? Blatter deserves to die! Haha! Human Emperor of the North! I must admit that your existence poses a threat to the bugs, but it is impossible for you to be uninjured after being struck by [Lightning of Gods’ Destruction], right?”

Fei suddenly stopped moving.

“Haha! Did I get it right?” Dicanio sneered and said, “You are indeed injured! Now, how much power do you have left?”

Fei raised his head and said with confidence, “Even if I only have ten percent of my strength, you are not my match! Today, you have to die!”

Dicanio laughed, “Indeed. My strength is in spirit energy attacks and tricking others. Both these methods won’t work on you. I can’t defeat you. However, someone can kill you for me.”

Before Dicanio finished, a stout figure slowly appeared beside him in the silver void.

Continental Martial Saint Maradona.

Fei stopped moving again.

Maradona didn’t look like he was in the right state. Although it seemed like his eyes were moving around at will, his expression was dull, and a streak of strange spirit energy was surging inside him. This energy was moving in his energy channels and controlling his body.

Maradona was controlled by Dicanio’s spirit energy!

“Maradona! Kill this man! He is your enemy! Charge up and kill him with all your power,” Dicanio’s voice sounded. It sounded strange and hypnotic. Also, Dicanio’s expression turned serious.

Clearly, controlling a high-level godly king such as Maradona wasn’t a simple task for Dicanio who mastered spirit energy techniques.

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Maradona instantly appeared before Fei like a bolt of lightning.

In the next moment, the battle began.

Maradona who was under the control of Dicanio unleashed all his power, and his moves were all merciless as they went for Fei’s vital points. The twisted laws of nature surged in this space, looking like many invisible chains and transparent phantoms in the air. As a result, the natural elements instantly became thick.

Fei was forced to counterattack. For him, the situation instantly turned passive. He tried to wake up Maradona who was under Dicanio’s control, so he reserved some strength in his attacks. However, his opponent didn’t hold back, and each strike was lethal. In a short time, Fei fell into a disadvantage.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The laws of nature and chains of power collided as Fei and Maradona battled each other.

“Puff!” Fei raised his head and puked up a mouthful of faint-golden blood.

The injuries that [Lightning of Gods’ Destruction] left in his body couldn’t be suppressed anymore when he battled Maradona, an ultimate master who was just as powerful as him.

The hidden lightning energy shocked and injured Fei’s organs and meridians, causing blood to be spilled.

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