Chapter 1237: Ultimate Kill (Part One)

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“Hahaha! What do you think? It doesn’t feel good to be attacked and suppressed by your close friend, right?” Dicanio laughed hysterically when seeing this.

Also, he heaved a sigh of relief in secret. In reality, the power and talent that the Human Emperor of the North showcased stunned Dicanio, and he felt like a heavy rock was weighing on his mind. Therefore, he could only use schemes to win.

Although he sacrificed Blatter, who was a great chess piece, the mission was completed, right?

Fei was silent and unleashed his full force to defend against Continental Martial Saint Maradona’s attacks.

This was Fei’s first-time fighting Maradona.

Maradona was the No.1 Master on the Continent in the last 1,000 years, and no one could dispute this. This alone showed his power. Even if Fei was in his prime, he couldn’t be sure if the victor of this battle would be him or not, let alone the fact that he was injured at this moment, and he couldn’t use his full offensive power since he wanted to wake up Maradona.

There was no way out for Fei in this situation. He couldn’t use killing strikes since Maradona was only controlled by Dicanio; he didn’t ditch humanity like Blatter, so Fei couldn’t try to kill him like what he did to Blatter.

For masters on this level, any bit of hesitation would result in a huge disadvantage in battle.

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All kinds of secret techniques and laws of nature smashed into each other. The terrifying energy waves spread in all directions like tornadoes, and the spatial barriers around the Holy Palace started to ripple. Many black cracks continued to appear before being closed. The scene was terrifying.

“Puff!” Fei puked out mouthfuls of blood. He was already in level 9 Godly King Realm, which was only one step away from the Supreme God Realm. His golden blood was gradually turning back to red. When his blood completely turned red, it would mean that Fei had become a supreme god.

Dicanio was shocked on the side. He had expected the strength of the Human Emperor of the North to be powerful, but the strength that Fei was showing still surprised him. It was fortunate for him that he didn’t try to battle Fei himself. Otherwise, he would have been killed in one strike, and all the following plans would go to waste.

“But now, it seems like everything is within my control. I have nothing to worry about,” Dicanio thought to himself.

The heated battle continued, and Fei’s situation continued to worsen.

“Hahaha! Poor humans! You are fighting each other! Human Emperor of the North, this is something that you didn’t expect, right? Haha! You are about to be killed by the person who you want to protect!” Dicanio laughed on the side.

Fei was silent, and he continued to battle and hold on.

“Haha! I forgot to tell you that the Continent Martial Saint isn’t a simple figure. In fact, he is the only person on the continent who has the bloodline from the ancient gods and demons! He is a real member of the God Clan! Unfortunately for him, he had protected the continent for 1,000 years, but he lowered his guard for a second and got controlled by me. Now, he is just one of my tools! Haha! Such irony!”

Dicanio continued to provoke Fei with his words.

Fei suddenly understood something. This was his first time learning about Maradona’s background.

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