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Hail the King Chapter 1237.2

Chapter 1237: Ultimate Kill (Part Two)

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“He is a descendant of the gods? No wonder his talent is unraveled, he stayed on the throne as the most powerful being on the continent for 1,000 years, and even the Holy Church couldn’t do anything to him,” Fei thought to himself, “Then, the ancient gods and demons left two guardian forces on the continent; the Holy Church is the force on the surface, and Maradona is the force in the dark. Why did these two forces show hostility toward each other for the last 1,000 years? Could it be that it is all an act?”

“After you die, I will turn this only descendant of the gods on the Azeroth Continent into my battle slave! The bugs will use him to expand our territory and wash this land with blood! Ahahaha!” Dicanio laughed hysterically.

This ending was undoubtedly extremely cruel for Maradona who had guarded the Azeroth Continent his entire life.

“So vicious…” Fei was enraged, but this quick moment of distraction allowed Maradona to move.

Maradona captured this opportunity and struck Fei’s back, and the fist that was engulfed in terrifying power of destruction penetrated Fei’s body and came out of his chest.

“Puff…” Blood gushed out of Fei’s mouth like a fountain, and a big hole appeared in his chest.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Maradona didn’t hold back at all, and a series of strikes landed on Fei’s body. Each strike was full of force and contained the laws of destruction, almost breaking every bone in Fei’s body.

Soon, Fei was covered in blood, looking like a blood man.


Fei was sent flying and fell before Dicanio.

Like a murderous beast, Maradona dashed over and was about to continue to attack, completely killing Fei.

“Stop!” Dicanio suddenly spoke, “Back off.”

Maradona instantly stopped, and he slowly backed off and stood behind Dicanio.

With a joyous smile on his face, Dicanio slowly walked to Fei who was now unconscious. He giggled, “Hahaha! The most unimaginable genius of the Azeroth Continent in the last 1,000 years fell by my feet! Haha! Now, be obedient and offer me the last bit of value before your soul disappears. Let me search your mind and obtain your secrets. Hahaha! I know that there must be valuable secrets in your head, and there are answers to questions on my mind.”

A streak of solid mercury-like spirit energy slowly condensed in mid-air and approached Fei, finally entering Fei’s brain via the location between his brows.

Even at this moment, Dicanio showed a high-level of caution.

Dicanio slowly pierced his spirit energy into Fei’s mind. If anything seemed off, he would instantly pull out his spirit energy.

Fei’s great accumulation of spirit energy still scared Dicanio even though he had fainted.

Gradually, a smile appeared on Dicanio’s face; it seemed like he found a few things that he wanted.

At that moment, he finally relaxed.

But also at that moment, Continental Martial Saint Maradona who stood behind Dicanio with a dull expression somehow recovered. His confused eyes turned clear, and his hands pressed onto Dicanio’s back without any fanciness.


A streak of extremely powerful energy instantly broke into Dicanio’s body without any resistance.

“Puff… what are you doing?” Dicanio turned his head with difficulty. As soon as he saw Maradona’s clear eyes, he knew that things had changed. He tried his best to block, but the energy that had entered his body almost instantly controlled his body, making him unable to defend himself.

At the same time, a streak of powerful spirit energy coiled onto the spirit energy spike that Dicanio condensed, counter-invading his mind in a crushing fashion.

This streak of spirit energy came from the person who was covered in blood and lying on the ground in front of him.


“You two…” Dicanio was shocked, and he seemed to have realized something. He lost completely! Even if he wanted to self-detonate, he couldn’t do it. Fei’s spirit energy controlled his body and his strength. The insane amount of spirit energy engulfed him and searched through his mind rapidly.

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  1. Ken

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