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Hail the King Chapter 1238.2

Chapter 1238: The War Is Unavoidable (Part Two)

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“Why the fck are you so worked up?” Maradona struck Dicanio’s back with both of his hands again, and another streak of terrifying force was injected into this bug’s body. He shouted, “Damn it! I never got schemed like this. I thought that you are the real Stabila, and I didn’t have any guard up around you. Sht! You actually fooled me, and I fell into your control. It if weren’t for Alexander’s timely arrival, I would have become the guiltiest person on the continent!”

Dicanio didn’t answer. He coughed up mouthfuls of green, corrosive blood while crazy glints flashed in his eyes.

“Oh! Now you said that… you bugs know about Earth? As soon as the bugs woke up from the long sleep, they went to Earth just to find this set of armor?” Fei suddenly understood this.

“That is right! So what?” Dicanio’s expression suddenly turned vicious, and streaks of spirit energy frequencies and waves rippled around him. He roared, “Open! Break the constraints!”

Dicanio tried his best to break free.

Fei laughed, “Stop this useless tactic. Stop resisting. Do you think I don’t know that you are telling me this to delay? I told you that my spirit energy is stronger, and my spirit energy techniques are more powerful. Since I’m already familiar with the spirit energy frequencies of the bugs, do you think that you can escape or self-detonate after I invaded your mind?”

While speaking, a streak of strange spirit energy frequencies completely controlled Dicanio, making him unable to move at all.

Complete desperation filled Dicanio’s green eyes.

Fei had searched through his mind and learned all the secrets that he knew about the bugs.

Dicanio knew that Fei learned about the spatial coordinates where the bugs were going to descend, where the wormhole that he opened was, and the war plan of the bugs.

All the information that humans on the Azeroth Continent shouldn’t know until the day after tomorrow was captured by Fei.

It was over!

It was all over!

Dicanio’s mission ended in complete failure.

Time slowly passed by.

Soon, Fei’s expression turned extremely grim, and he sighed. He figured out everything.

Unfortunately, the bugs’ descent was unavoidable.

From the information that Fei learned from Dicanio’s mind, as early as ten days ago, the [Mother Empress] of the bugs that was in the abyss of the universe had woken up all the bug clans that were in a state of deep sleep, and they were coming toward the Azeroth Continent from the abyss of the universe that was far away. The journey would take about 20 days.

It meant that the Azeroth Continent only had about ten days to prepare.

Fei sighed and thought, “This war is unavoidable. The good thing is that I learned a lot of information and isn’t in the dark. If I plan accordingly, perhaps the Azeroth Continent won’t be destroyed. The only thing is that many creatures on the continent will die in this war. How many beings will die? How many races will go extinct?”

Now, Dicanio lay on the ground like a puddle of mud.

For a bug like him, mission failure was equivalent to death.

The only thing that made him less desperate was that he successfully destroyed the spatial barrier the Lord of the God Clan and the Lord of the Demon Clan placed around the Azeroth Continent and sent the spatial coordinates to the [Mother Empress].

Even if the Human Emperor of the North hid the spatial coordinates of the Azeroth Continent again, the [Mother Empress] could still successfully come here with its great power.

“Alright, our battle ends here. Now, do you want to know why I didn’t reveal your identity outside and took the risk by following you into the Holy Palace?” Fei asked with a smile. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Why?” Dicanio replied with hatred in his voice. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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