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Hail the King Chapter 1239.1

Chapter 1239: I Need to Unite the Continent (Part One)

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“It is simple. Although it would be safer to kill you outside, that group of foolishly loyal priests who were brainwashed by you perhaps might be crazy enough to die for you. By then, the unity between the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church might break apart. Also, I wanted to get the information in your head. I had no choice but to plan all this so that you wouldn’t get the chance to self-detonate.”

Fei laughed proudly as the victor of this battle, “Besides, after I kill you now, I can say that you passed away due to old age when I get out of the Holy Palace. That way, I can smoothly take over the Holy Church, and there won’t be any turbulence and suspicion. Wouldn’t that be better?”

Dicanio laughed out loud after pausing for a second.

“Ok, alright. I deserve to lose to you. I was planning to search your mind and learn everything about you. Then, like what I did to Stabila, I wanted to take out your flesh and imitate you by wearing your skin. With this strategy, I could disturb the situation on the Azeroth Continent before the troop led by [Mother Empress] gets here. I didn’t expect you to use a similar strategy and execute it better. Great. However, Alexander, don’t be so smug for too long. [Mother Empress]’s arrival is unavoidable, and your victory today will only help you survive for a little bit longer. When our troop comes, this continent that you want to protect will be turned to dust.”

As soon as Dicanio shouted, a streak of messy spirit energy waves exploded from his body, radiating outward in all directions.

In the next moment, Dicanio froze on the spot.

Many thin cracks appeared on his body that was full of scales.

Crack! A series of crisp noises sounded. As if Dicanio’s body turned to rock and got smashed, it cracked and turned into tens of thousands of identical rock fragments.

In the end, Dicanio still committed suicide.

“This figure hid on the Azeroth Continent for 1,000 years, and he tried his best and almost messed up the Azeroth Continent. From the viewpoint of the bugs, he is a hero for them. Let him die honorably.”

Fei waved his hand, and a streak of golden energy flew out and turned the rock fragments into dust. Then, a wind blew over and scattered the dust in the air.

“He is indeed a powerful figure.”

Maradona fell into a trap for the first time in his long life. Dicanio meticulously created this trap, and Maradona had to admit defeat this time. Dicanio created the biggest conspiracy in the history of Azeroth, almost destroying the Holy Church and the Northern Region Empire, two mammoth-like forces. He was quite a figure.

Fei nodded and started to observe the area around him.

The Holy Palace was the most mysterious building on the Holy Mountain at Sicily Island. It was the residence of the pope, and legends said that this building was left here by the ancient gods and demons.

This structure sure was terrifying. Even though peak godly kings battled to the death, it wasn’t destroyed by all the powerful forces. Who could imagine that inside this grand and holy building, a pope and a clan chief of the bugs, who were both insanely powerful figures, died one after another in a short time?

The highest-level battle on the continent ended.

From now on, no one could handle Fei on the Azeroth Continent.

“Now, we can go out. Bathing in the cheers, you can officially become the Pope of the Holy Church and the most dominating legend in the history of Azeroth!” Maradona laughed and suggested.

Fei nodded. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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