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Hail the King Chapter 1239.2

Chapter 1239: I Need to Unite the Continent (Part Two)

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Time slowly passed by.

The sun rose in the sky outside the Holy Palace, and the sunlight gradually became blazing.

About half an hour passed, but no one knew what was happening inside the Holy Palace.

The brilliant silver walls looked even holier under the illumination of the sunlight, isolating all sounds and presences on the inside.

On both sides of the 1,001 steps, many nobles, emperors, and top-tier masters stared at this most mysterious and holy building on the continent. They held onto their breaths and waited anxiously.

“Such a long time already passed. What is going on inside?”

“The Human Emperor of the North is being crowned as the pope today. This is a critical moment that will determine the fate of the continent. Don’t let any accidents occur!”


While everyone stared at the Holy Palace expectantly, the gate of the Holy Palace opened with a loud noise.

Everyone got nervous.

As a breeze blew by, a handsome and tall figure walked out of the gate. Wearing the Crown of the Gods, draped in the golden godly robe, and holding the Scepter of Ragnarok, this figure was engulfed in golden holy light and stood in front of the gate like a deity.

The Human Emperor of the North!

The Pope of the Holy Church!

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This man finally came out. Judging from his calm expression, it seemed like no accidents occurred. Behind him was the famous Continental Martial Saint Maradona. The only person who didn’t appear was the old Pope Stabila who was on the verge of death.

“Could it be…”

“Stabila His Holiness… passed away!” Fei announced this news that many people expected with a slightly sad expression.

Some people didn’t even look surprised. After all, Stabila looked extremely weak, and it was a miracle that he lasted until today.

On the other hand, many priests knelt on the ground and cried.

The new lord was crowned, and the old lord passed away.

A new era came!

It was a perfect cycle! A perfect link between the two generations!

Compared with some of the loyal priests who were crying their hearts out, the masters, nobles, and emperors on the two sides of the staircase weren’t moved by Stabila’s death. They all congratulated Fei, trying to get close to this undisputed lord of the continent.

What happened today was the most terrible thing for Barcelona and Juventus, and their representatives turned ashen-faced.

The Human Emperor of the North finally became the Pope of the Holy Church, and this was a disaster for these two empires. A few of Fei’s brothers were supreme masters of Inter Milan and AC Milan, and it was unlikely for the Human Emperor of the North to let go of Juventus and Barcelona.

Fei glanced at everyone’s face, seeing all the expressions of the people who were trying to flatter him, get close to him, avoid him, hide from him, and felt uneasy around him. Then, he looked up at the blue sky and deeply inhaled fresh air before looking down.

“I need to unite the continent.” Fei’s voice was calm and peaceful as if he was saying something insignificant.

However, everyone shivered as they sensed the dominating tone and attitude.

“Unite the continent?”

“This day finally came?”

Although most of the people who came here today knew that this was unavoidable now that the Human Emperor of the North controlled the two biggest forces on the continent, they didn’t expect it to come so soon. This young man didn’t wait at all and announced this decisively.

“Can’t he wait?”

“Now, who can stop him?”

“From the ancient Mythical Era to now, the Azeroth Continent that hasn’t been united in 1,000 years is finally about to come together in this man’s hands?”

Even though many people were unwilling, they knew that a legendary era was here, and they weren’t the protagonists of this era. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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