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Hail the King Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Like killing a chicken.


“It looks like we all underestimated you. You hid pretty well.” The flirtatious Paris smiled. Her dressed fluttered in the wind, and a portion of her legs were exposed; they were white and smooth, and dazzled like jades. She said, “Alexander, my prior promise still holds true. If you are still willing to work for His Highness Dominguez, I will ignore everything that has happened, and you can still get everything you want in life…… even if you want me!”

After she said that, a charming blush appeared on her white face. Who had ever seen the beauty’s blushful expression? This beauty controlled one of the two superpowers in the empire. Under the golden morning sun on the peak of Eastern Mountain, numerous men began to unconsciously nosebleed. Even Arshavin, [Zenit’s God of War] looked somewhere else; he didn’t dare to stare at her face.

However –

“Yuck! Granny, you’re already so old. Why are you still here flirting with people? It is not your fault that you are ugly, but harassing people is wrong. Do you think I never saw any women before?” Fei glanced at her disdainfully.

The crowd had to admit that Fei’s mouth was very vicious.

What he said made Paris angry instantly. Other people almost burst into laughter.

Although Paris wasn’t a cute loli, every part of her body was mature and charming; she was so beautiful that it would be hard to find a woman that could compare. Numerous nobles wanted to obtain her heart, and there were rumours that even Emperor Yasin had a good impression of this beauty. Now, Fei was addressing her as an old granny, and dismissing her attempts at being flirtatious; Paris who was always graceful and calm was so mad that her face turned pale.

“How dare you, die!”

The assassin in white who was behind Paris yelled and suddenly disappeared, as if he dissolved into the air. There wasn’t even an afterimage or ripple in the air. Obviously, this dangerous assassin had turned invisible and was preparing a lethal sneak attack.

However, Fei giggled and stood still. He held onto the purple green dual swords like he didn’t see anything happen.

Be careful, this is the metal-attribute energy [Space Break Stealth Technique]!”

The purple dressed girl who was sitting down and meditating to heal up opened her eyes. The purple flame energy surrounded her, but a tense expression was on her pretty face. After seeing King Alexander acting so arrogant, she couldn’t help but warn him.

Fei smiled as he gave the girl a thankful look.

At this moment –

An invisible layer of space suddenly appeared in the cold air like an exotic ghost flower blooming on the surface of water. A transparent claw broke through this ghost flower and instantly appeared in front of Fei. It was so fast that it was beyond human reflex, and it pierced through Fei’s chest like lightning.

Blood started dripping.

It slid off the white iron claws that had back hooks and fish-like scales.

The assassin in white slowly appeared in front of Fei inch by inch. A proud and ferocious smile was on his face; people could sense his cruelty just by looking at him. He twisted the claws that he stabbed into Fei intentionally; he enjoyed the begging and desperate look on his victim’s face.

The crowd couldn’t help but gasp.

The hope that just appeared in the heart of followers of the eldest princess quickly shattered. Some people were secretly swearing at this little king, “This dumb pig, so arrogant……” On the other hand, the people from Shanui Kingdom and Chata Kingdom who were wearing the red band were delighted. They looked at Fei with disdain and sympathy; as if they were looking at a clown that messed up his trick.

“Can you still…… be that arrogant?”

The assassin in white slowly turned his arm and stretched his fingers that were in the king’s body; this way, he could let this opponent feel the pain and desperation of life energy leaving his body slowly. Although this little king’s body was so tough that it even scared him as it felt like his claw were stuck in a piece of iron, it was no use. He could tell that his claw had destroyed the major energy pathways in the little king’s body and locked down the little king’s energy.

But –

“You stupid donkey, of course I can be more arrogant!”

When he heard Fei say that, the assassin in white felt a chill in his bones. He immediately felt something was wrong. When he tried to gather the energy inside of his body and tear up his opponent’s body, he suddenly saw a purple flame flash. His right arm felt cold; his entire right arm was chopped off and was left in Fei’s body.

Blood spurted out like a fountain.

The assassin in white was terrified. His body started to shiver as he wanted to escape despite the unbearable pain he was experiencing. Half of his body was turning transparent; he was about to dissolve into the air again. However, Fei wasn’t going to let him go that easily. Fei’s right hand struck out and grabbed onto the assassin’s head.

“Hahaha, want to escape? Too late now!” Fei laughed out loud.

The assassin in white felt a huge, unimaginable force pull him out of his stealth state like a carrot; it felt like he was tied to a magnificent mountain, and the mountain was falling from the sky.


He screamed desperately. He stimulated all of his four-star warrior metal attribute energy and tried to shake off the hand that was grabbing onto his head. However, the hand endured through all the effort that the assassin put up to escape. The assassin roared as he struggled, but he couldn’t get away. The hand suddenly pushed down and both of his knees couldn’t handle the force; he instantly kneeled down in front of Fei.

To the crowd, it seemed like the assassin kneeled down after a light push by the little king who was dying. The assassin’s knees smashed onto a huge rock and cracked. Everyone could hear the sound of bones breaking. It was clear that his knee bones were shattered into pieces.

Fei slowly licked the blood that was on his lips. This action made the assassin tremble even more; Fei looked like a bloodthirsty demon from hell.

“It’s now my turn. Let me ask you, dumbass. Can you still be that arrogant?”

A sharp green sword was placed by the assassin’s neck; it was so sharp that it had cut into the assassin’s neck a little without applying any force.

All of the assassin’s courage disappeared.

He started to shiver uncontrollably. As an assassin, he had tortured and killed numerous people using his claws; he had nicknamed himself the representative of the Grim Reaper. But when he was so close to death, he was scared like a little girl as he begged, “Ahhhhhhh, no, please…… spare me……please……”

But before he could finish, the green blade had begun to cut into his skin.

He could even feel a cold sensation passing through his skin, muscle, blood vessels and bones. He wanted to struggle, scream, beg for forgiveness, and whine……However, the cruel demon in front of him didn’t give him the chance. The process was slow and long. He even felt the blade cutting through his neck. Then, he saw a body without a head and blood spurted out of his neck……

He saw a headless body in a white cloak falling to the ground, and the blood stained the soil.

That was his body.

The crowd was stunned.

Although they had seen numerous enemies and peers die in front of them today, the scene still shocked their nerves, especially when Fei slowly beheaded the assassin in white who was a four-star warrior, a warrior that could dictate their lives. Fei beheaded him as if he was a chicken. The spurting blood dyed the color of the sky and the sun red.

The crowd felt the anger of this king.

Unbearable anger.

Even the eldest princess and Paris who were calm and collected changed their expressions. They asked themselves, “Did I wake up a demon by accident?”

Scavenging birds that surrounded the peak of Eastern Mountain like dark clouds had also felt the murderous intent coming from this one person. They called in a high pitch, but they were scared; they didn’t dare to land onto the ground.

Except for the bird calls, the only sounds on the peak of Eastern Mountain were the sounds of breathing.

“Oh? Killed another one. Eh, I’m feeling a little bit better.”

Fei cleaned the blood off his blade by using the bottom of his shoes. He rubbed his chin in satisfaction as he smiled; the people could see his pearl white teeth. The detached arm of the assassin was still stabbed in his chest. As he moved, he frowned as if the pain caused some inconvenience for him. But what he did next even scared everyone on the peak of Eastern Mountain.

Fei grabbed onto that arm and pulled the iron claw with back hooks on it directly out of his body. Pieces of flesh and blood were stuck on it; there were even white pieces of chipped bones. If it was any other person, the amount of pain would make them faint, but they didn’t see any painful expression on this little king’s face.

This movement immediately gave some people a chill.

“Ahhhhh! Demon! He is a demon!”

Among all the emissaries on Paris’ side, a guard suddenly cried as if he saw an undead demon. He turned around and rushed away as if he wanted to escape this living hell. But after he ran for four or five yards, something unimaginable happened.

Boom! Splat!

A series of white and extremely bright lightning strikes appeared from the ground. The enormous current travelled through the guard’s body, and he was turned into a large piece of black charcoal.

“God! That …… is lightning magic trap!” Someone yelled in surprise.

A big smile appeared on Fei’s face. He didn’t hide his proud expression as he said, “Hahaha, that’s right, it’s a magic trap. Do you guys think that I don’t know how to do anything except play dead? Hahaha, the entire peak of Eastern Mountain is filled with magic traps. If anyone dares to move, he or she will be turned into a piece of charcoal just like that dumbass!”

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