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Hail the King Chapter 1240.1

Chapter 1240: A Forceful Unity (Part One)

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After announcing his intention to the world, Fei didn’t give his opponents any time to prepare and react.

After Fei became the ruler of Sicily Island, the empires in the Western Region, Eastern Region, Southern Region, and Central Region all saw many powerful masters and invincible troops descending on their territories. The giant Xuan’ge that freely flew in the sky cast many huge shadows on the ground, looking like enormous sharks that were swimming in the ocean. Together with the countless silver crystal battle soul warriors that could rival supreme masters, the dominating power of the Northern Region Empire brought shock and fear to everyone.

The overbearing attack methods that the troops of the Northern Region Empire showcased in the sky weren’t something that other empires could defend against.

At the same time, the powerful Elf Empire in the Western Region and the Dwarf-Gnome Alliance in the Eastern Region both made shocking announcements. These two superpowers declared their loyalty to the Human Emperor of the North abruptly and joined the military system of the Northern Region Empire.

Some rumors even stated that the mysterious Golden Elf King was one of the 12 gold saints under Human Emperor Alexander of the North’s command, and he was most likely the most mysterious and most low-key Gold Saint of Pisces who had never appeared before.

This news quickly shocked the entire continent.

The combination of the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church was already suffocating others. Now with the addition of elves, dwarfs, and gnomes, the Human Emperor of the North was so powerful that no one could stop him.

Those empires that were lower than level 9 all surrendered without much resistance, and their emperors made declarations and swore loyalty toward the Human Emperor of the North.

Those super empires that had great wealth and power were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Some forces chose to resist and fight back, but the difference in strength between the two sides was too big.

The weak resistance quickly disappeared after the troops of the Northern Region Empire showed powerful attacks.

The powerful troops with the support of the Holy Church were almost invincible.

Everyone could tell that the Human Emperor of the North meant it this time, and this young man wasn’t going to wait around. Even those empires that were close to the Northern Region Empire were treated the same in this expedition.

The Juventus Empire in the Central Region and the Barcelona Empire in the Western Region were the first ones to collapse.

From millions of kilometers away, Fei cast a strike with each of his hands, directly removing a giant mountain range and a large forest from the capitals of these two empires. In place of these two landmarks, there were two giant handprints that were thousands of kilometers long.

Such power instantly destroyed most people’s courage to fight.

Regardless if it was in terms of the number of masters, the combat strength of the military, and the advancement of weapons, the combination of the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church was unrivaled.

Resisting and surrendering would yield the same result; the Human Emperor of the North would have the last laugh.

However, what surprised many people was that after the royal families of Juventus and Barcelona surrendered, the Human Emperor of the North didn’t kill them even though they had prior grudges. He still used many masters and nobles of these two empires to manage the new military districts that were transformed from the two empires.[Support the translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Even [God’s Son] Messi, the figure who created a deep grudge with the Human Emperor of the North due to his expedition to the Zenit Empire, avoided the fate of being slain. It was heard that the Human Emperor of the North and the [God’s Son] stayed in the Military Headquarters of Barcelona alone and talked for a night. Then, the Human Emperor of the North left, and Messi somehow lived unexpectedly.

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  1. Fimbulwinter

    Not sure how much more shocks the continent can endure :’)

  2. Derek angel of revenge

    I still think he should massacre the barcelona. They cannt even play soccer. Wha tidiots. Even if messi and barcelona had their reasons, they still killed 90% of the zenit people.

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