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Hail the King Chapter 1241.1

Chapter 1241: Yassin’s Secret (Part One)

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“Is this the place?” Fei released his spirit energy and searched on the surface of the ocean, but he couldn’t find the island that Messi mentioned.

“This saint island is protected by the laws of nature that only supreme gods can command. It is hiding in this ocean. It can turn into a speck of dust or a waterdrop. Warrior energy, magic energy, and spirit energy all can’t detect its location from the outside.” [God’s Son] Messi had his signature smile on his face, and it seemed like his expression hadn’t changed in many years.

“If it weren’t for the key that Yassin His Majesty gave me, I wouldn’t have found the tunnel and the island.”

While saying that, Messi opened his hand, and a mass of golden flames appeared on his palm. Then, he casually waved his hand, and the mass of golden flames flashed and drew a mystical arc in the air. Like the string on a fishing pole, it dashed into the ocean.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

In the next moment, the string of light trembled and gave feedback.

“Found it.” Messi nodded.

A mass of golden energy flames burned in the air, and Fei and Messi both disappeared from where they were standing.

-On an island-

As the ocean wind blew by, the waves crashed onto the island and disappeared on the white beach. The seagulls let out crisp chirps and extended their wings, flying in the sky and leaving a series of afterimages in the air.

All the greeneries on the island moved in the wind.

This island had a rough diameter of a few hundred kilometers, and it was beautiful and picturesque. Rolling mountains could be seen, and this place looked like a paradise.

Fei stood in the sky above the island and looked down, and he realized that this island was engulfed by a vast presence. The invisible laws of nature engulfed him and the island like a cover, completely blocking off the outside world.

In the center of the island, there was a mountain that was about 500 meters tall. Its shape was strange and looked like a heaven-reaching tower. A vague presence that even Fei couldn’t understand was emitted from this mountain, and it seemed like it corresponded with the stars in the sky.

Then, Fei saw two old friends; they were Elder Prince Arshavin and Elder Princess Tanasha.

“Your Majesty.” These two people single-knelt before Fei; they already knew what happened in the outside world.

After Emperor Yassin died on the battleground, he passed his throne to Fei. Now, as the Third Prince of Zenit, Fei had developed the Zenit Empire to an unprecedented level. To many Zenitians, the Northern Region Empire was based on the Zenit Empire and countless times stronger.

Now that Fei was here, Elder Prince Arshavin and Elder Princess Tanasha had to greet him as his subjects. After all, they were members of Zenit, and Fei was the lord.

Fei waved his hand, and a streak of soft energy propped these two people off the ground.

These two had complicated expressions on their faces.

A few years back, Fei was only the weak king of a low-level affiliated kingdom of Zenit during the Battle at the Peak of East Mountain of Chambord. Both Elder Prince Arshavin and Elder Princess Tanasha didn’t see him as someone important. However, the result of that battle changed because of Fei.

Perhaps from that moment on, the relationships between these three people and their status gradually changed. Now, Elder Prince Arshavin and Elder Princess Tanasha could only look up to Fei.

Messi appeared next to Fei.

Facing this man who was said to have killed their father, Arshavin and Tanasha didn’t seem angry or resentful. Instead, they smiled and nodded. It was clear that they knew each other well, and this wasn’t Messi’s first time coming here.

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