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Hail the King Chapter 1242.2

Chapter 1242: The Secret That Was Covered by False Images (Part Two)

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“That is right. Yassin sure was a generational genius, and he had the bloodline of ancient gods and demons. His talent was unparalleled, and he grasped the most important secret of the continent. His charisma and character made me believe everything that he told me. He said that if an item that he had fell into the wrong hands, the fate of the continent will be tragic as it will fall into a bottomless abyss.” Messi recalled. “Yassin’s identity was mysterious, and he already noticed the force that wanted to destroy the continent was waking up and looking for this item. The enemy force was powerful, and perhaps even the Holy Church couldn’t protect it. Therefore, he placed his hope in me.”

“I see.” Fei seemed to have understood something.

Before Dicanio died, he told Fei the real identity of the Continental Martial Saint. The latter was a hidden chess piece of the God Clan, and he had the bloodline of the gods. Dicanio also seemed to hint that the Demon Clan set up plans on the continent as well.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

“Messi just said that Emperor Yassin had the bloodline of ancient gods and demons. Could it be that Emperor Yassin was a descendent of the Demon Clan?”

If this was the case, then it made sense that Emperor Yassin had a unique item from ancient times that could change the fate of the Azeroth Continent.

However, Emperor Yassin sure was a great figure. More than 20 years ago, he detected the existences such as Dicanio, and he guessed that the Polluters’ force had corrupted the Holy Church. As a response, he started to plan many years ago.

Compared with Emperor Yassin, Maradona who was known as the most powerful human on the continent fell into Dicanio’s trap and almost did something that he would regret for the rest of his life. This showed how brilliant Emperor Yassin was.

“Our relationship was like that between two friends and a master and a disciple. However, we only interacted with each other for about a few dozen days. Except for the two of us, no one in this world knows that we are acquaintances.” Messi drank another cup of liquor and continued, “Emperor Yassin’s talent was unparalleled. Although he had been suppressing his strength and didn’t advance to the god-level, he already figured out how to break the threshold between demi-gods and true gods. He taught it to me without hiding anything.”

Fei nodded and said, “Therefore, you later broke that barrier between mortals and gods, becoming a true god.”

“That is right.” Messi nodded and replied, “According to our agreement, I didn’t hide my strength and acted arrogantly. Of course, this was to attract the Holy Church’s attention. Since the Barcelona Empire and the Holy Church had been close, I became close with the Deputy Pope of the Holy Church. This was all for figuring out more information about the Polluters, but a war changed everything.”

Fei inhaled deeply and asked with an earnest expression, “You really couldn’t stop Barcelona’s invasion of Zenit?”

“I couldn’t stop it. Most people believe that the war between Barcelona and Zenit was waged because of you, but only a few people know that it was waged by the section of the Holy Church that was corrupted and controlled by the Polluters; they were trying to find that key. In other words, they already discovered some clues and suspected Emperor Yassin,” Messi sighed, “I couldn’t stop it. My identity, my status, and my standpoint didn’t give me a single reason to stop this war.”

“That was why Emperor Yassin had to die?” Fei understood something.

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  1. Neul

    Yassin was a peak burning sun 20 years ago? What is with this inconsistency?….. The author had a dementia or something?

    • I would assume that the power Yassin showed before wasn’t his true strength.

      • DirganDS

        Nah, he was injured after fighting domenech, a morning level 1 sun class lord

        He can’t even kill 3 new moon elite from eindhoven, jax and spartax empire

  2. alexanderkingofchambord

    as the yassin emperor was a master of the sun class, he could suppress his powers, so that people would think he was of the moon class, but if he were from the kingdom of the gods, the polluters would realize … it was all a plan his …thanks for the chapter

  3. i_iGamer

    thx for the chapter noodles!

  4. DirganDS

    “Compared with Emperor Yassin, Maradona who was known as the most powerful human on the continent fell into Dicanio’s trap and almost did something that he would regret for the rest of his life. This showed how brilliant Emperor Yassin was.”

    But yassin was tricked by emperor juninho from 6 level empire

  5. 20 years ago Yassin was a Burning Sun Lord which coincides with the time of Alexander’s birth. Now remember, at that time Yassin was attacked by enemies who wanted something from him and even wanted to kill baby Alexander (guessing they were the church colluding with the polluters to get their hands on the key Messi mentioned and wipe out future trouble, aka, baby Alexander who was born a God’s Favorite Child).
    Back then, Yassin’s strength would’ve taken a hit and he was still weak even when Fei met him in the underground ocean palace for the first time.

    I admit, I had given up on the author fleshing out any real plot with all these twists and turns, but I have been soundly slapped and I’m enjoying it.
    Hail the King!!

  6. Bystander

    The author is actually the smartest person on the planet ya’ll hating in the story, get slapped.

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