Chapter 1243: Emperor Yassin’s Battle Plan (Part One)

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“I have tried to save Emperor Yassin. After all, he was a warrior who I admired. He was able to defeat me, a demi-god, as a peak Burning Sun Lord; his martial talent was even greater than mine. Although we fought fiercely more than ten times, he was the only person who I considered a true friend,” Messi sighed, “However, even the methods that I thought were perfect and without shortcomings were rejected by Yassin.”

Fei was surprised as he asked, “He rejected them?”

Messi nodded and said earnestly, “That’s right; he rejected my proposals. To protect that key, he decided to seek death. You are a smart man; you should be able to guess why he did it.”

Fei was silent, but he soon understood the entire situation.

Emperor Yassin was a genius and a legendary ruler. Even the Continental Martial Saint seemed slightly inferior to him.

Emperor Yassin sought death only for one reason, and it was to protect the key that Messi mentioned.

According to the prior speculation, Emperor Yassin had the bloodline of the Demon Clan, and he shouldered the ancient demons’ wills and responsibilities to protect this secret item that concerned the fate of the continent. When he was still alive, he detected that the Polluters’ hidden force on the continent was moving, and the situation was getting out of control.

Under such a situation, the most terrible thing happened; this dark force detected the existence of the key and where it was. Therefore, it directly waged war against the Zenit Empire.

If Emperor Yassin decided to escape, this force would chase after him.

The Zenit Empire wasn’t strong enough to fight against the Holy Church which was controlled by that dark force. Although Emperor Yassin was a talented figure with exceptional power, he couldn’t make sure that the key would be safe if many masters attacked him at the same time. If the key fell into the hands of this dark force, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Therefore, Emperor Yassin used a secret plan. He handed the key to Messi, a person who he completely trusted, in secret.

Messi’s identity was unique, and the Holy Church would never place suspicion on him.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Then, Emperor Yassin used the Zenit Empire and his death to cover everything.

After Emperor Yassin died and the Zenit Empire got conquered, the dark force had no clues left after unable to find the key in the empire, and it couldn’t continue its investigation.

Fei sighed.

To protect this secret, hundreds of millions of Zenitians died under the blades of Barcelonans, and Emperor Yassin died in front of Messi under the watch of people like Busquets, Alves, Pedro, and secret masters of the Holy Church.

This was a tragedy.

It was hard to say that Yassin was cruel to let hundreds of millions of Zenitians die with him to protect this secret. Perhaps from Yassin’s perspective, this price was worth it to protect the secret item that could dictate the fate of the continent.

Even Emperor Yassin’s beloved second son Dominguez died in this cruel war.

“Before he died, he laughed and believed that you will avenge him one day. Now, it seems like his trust in you wasn’t wrong. Perhaps even Yassin couldn’t imagine that you are now ruling the continent in such an invincible fashion.” Messi smiled and said, “‘Yassin is inferior to no one.’ Although Yassin died, he planned everything. Your current domination proves that the price that he paid was worth it.”

Fei didn’t know what to say.

Fei had a unique attitude toward this man who was only proved to be his father after the latter died. He truly admired this master who was charismatic and wise.

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