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Hail the King Chapter 1243.2

Chapter 1243: Emperor Yassin’s Battle Plan (Part Two)

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In terms of the father-son relationship, there was only a sliver of emotion, and it came from when Emperor Yassin’s imperial power of faith turned into Fei’s power and inspiration when the latter was cultivating in the [Banished Land].

After all, Fei’s soul was a young man from Earth.

The real Alexander had died long ago and disappeared from the world.

Fei had thought about seeking revenge; he had considered wiping out the Barcelona Empire and killing the members of the Holy Church who were close with Platini and Blatter. However, after thinking about the bugs that were going to descend in ten days, Fei suppressed his murderous spirit and only took out the evil and cruel leaders.

Today’s meeting with Messi surprised Fei; he didn’t know this giant secret at all.

“After you returned from the [Banished Land] with dominance, the Holy Church created several plans against you and Chambord, yet they all failed. The Holy Church gradually couldn’t handle you. I’m sure that the appearance of the goblins, Platini, and others in the Southern Region are all related to this. Since I must safeguard the key, I needed to act low-key before I could get a good read of the situation. When the meeting at the City of San Siro took place, I still decided to hide to see if the Holy Church was purified like what Stabila had said. It is good that you now control everything.”

While speaking, Messi opened one of his hands, and a streak of golden light slowly floated up through his palmar creases. He continued, “This is the key. Now, I need to give it back to you since you have controlled the continent.”

The streak of golden light slowly flew to Fei and landed in his hand.

This streak of golden light wasn’t tangible; it was a streak of mystical energy. It condensed together, containing an amount of power that scared even Fei. It was fortunate that this power was warm, gentle, and not aggressive. Otherwise, Fei couldn’t even handle one strike from it.

“This is… a power seal beyond the Supreme God Realm.” Fei was stunned as he thought, “Could it be… this is the gift from the God of Creation from the primeval time?”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

The only power above the Supreme God Realm was that of the God of Creation.

“Except for this key, I have another piece of good news for you.” Messi smiled and said, “Emperor Yassin prepared another gift for you. With this key, you can open a path across the endless mist and abyss. There is a godly primeval island, and on it are two exceptional commanders who you can completely trust and one million soldiers.”

-Two days later-

On this beautiful and mysterious island, Fei saw the one million Zenitian soldiers who had disappeared before Barcelona invaded Zenit.

When St. Petersburg was conquered by the enemies and Emperor Yassin and Second Prince Dominguez died in battle, Elder Prince Arshavin and Elder Princess Tanasha who were in charge of more than 70 percent of Zenitian military mysteriously disappeared with close to one million soldiers. They weren’t heard from again.

Fei didn’t think that he would see them again at this place.

“Royal Father already expected this day to come.” The Elder Princess looked at Fei with a complicated expression and said, “Royal Father said that we can’t choose the Azeroth Continent as the battleground when fighting the Polluters. Otherwise, we will lose for sure.”

“Not on the Azeroth Continent… then where? Could it be…” Fei suddenly thought of something.

The Elder Prince nodded and added, “That is right. We must attack them head-on and ambush them on the way! We must destroy… or at least defeat them before the Polluters land on the continent.”

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