Chapter 1244: The Battleground In Space (Part One)

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“Ambush them on the way in space?” Fei was shocked. “How can it be? Only the masters who have reached the True God Realm can go above the sky and survive in space. Now, how many true gods are there on the continent? It is impossible to fight like this. After all, the Polluters are coming with many bugs, and we can’t replenish our troops in such battles.”

“Royal Father had thought about this. In fact, more than 1,000 years ago when the God Clan and Demon Clan were pushed to the brink of destruction, they also thought about this issue,” the Elder Princess said, “If the battleground is on the Azeroth Continent, the Polluters can devour creatures, continuously increase their powers, and rapidly evolve. If we cut them off in space, we can greatly reduce the threat that such evolution poses. Besides, the Lord of the God Clan and the Lord of the Demon Clan once stated that the Polluters seemed unable to evolve in space.”

“The biggest issue is that most of the forces on the Azeroth Continent can’t battle in space,” Fei said with a frown, but he soon thought of something and added, “Wait… perhaps… but the number isn’t enough…”

Messi suddenly smiled and said, “Alexander, I know what you are thinking about. However, I have to remind you not to forget the key that you now have.”

“The key?” Fei summoned that streak of golden energy and asked, “Could it be that this power…”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

“According to what Yassin told me, this key can open a giant spatial tunnel that leads to a battleground in space. This battleground in space has a unique environment. In this place, warriors who are above Five-Star can survive on their own.” Messi shrugged and added, “As to how to use this key to open the battleground in space and how to lead troops there, you have to figure out the answers to these questions. You must merge with this key to completely understand its secrets and the information that it holds.”

“There is such a thing?” Now, Fei finally realized that he underestimated the ancient God Clan and Demon Clan.

These two clans must be extremely powerful as they called themselves the gods and demons and they had been on the continent for many eras. They were raided by the bugs and were destroyed by the bugs’ unparalleled speed of evolution, but they left the opportunity to defeat the bugs for the later generations before they got wiped out. They created a giant plan that lasted for 1,000 years, quietly waiting for the bugs to reappear.

In the last 1,000 years, even though the continent seemed calm, hidden currents were rushing everywhere, and ordinary people couldn’t see them.

The God Clan, Demon Clan, and Polluters were the three high-level forces that were changing the continent. The seemingly invincible Holy Church was only a tool that these three forces controlled in turn. The most terrifying battles occurred in hidden places, and now it was about time for the final battle.

The battleground in space…

The mysterious key…

This island that was hidden for more than 1,000 years…

Zenit’s God of War Arshavin who was born to be a commander…

Zenit’s Goddess of Intelligence Tanasha who was exceptionally wise…

One million meticulously-trained soldiers…

It seemed like all these were prepared for the world-ending battle that was going to take place in seven days.

Although the remaining forces of the God Clan and Demon Clan that survived the bugs more than 1,000 years ago had gradually died off, the plans and setups that they created were going to battle the bugs once more.

“I got it.” Fei nodded and glanced at Messi, Arshavin, and Tanasha. He said calmly, “Then, prepare for battle.”

As soon as Fei said that, he disappeared from the island.

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