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Hail the King Chapter 1245.1

Chapter 1245: The Torn Continent (Part One)

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Fei quickly went to the former Anji Empire and dashed into the Capital of the Orc Military District. Then, he entered the sealed space underground and temporarily moved all the giant seal eggs that weren’t broken into his grand godly realm.

Now that Fei’s degree of fusion with the grand godly realm had reached 80 percent, he had long surpassed the Godly King Realm and reached level 1 Supreme God Realm. With such power, even though Fei wasn’t able to completely crush all these sealed demons, he could suppress them and make them unable to escape.

Fei took away these sealed eggs so that when the top-tier masters fought the bugs on the battleground in space a few days later, they didn’t have to worry about other things.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

After doing all that, two days had passed.

Only about five days were left for the war to come.

Fei tore open the spatial barriers and arrived on Earth.

Now, Earth was completely transformed and looked different from before.

The damage that the bugs left on Earth mostly disappeared. With the help of the god-level masters from the Azeroth Continent and the push from the Joint Laboratory, Earth quickly transformed from physical technology to magic technology.

In the laboratory where time permanently flowed much slower compared to the outside world, many products that went beyond the imagination of humans were created.

The thing that excited Fei the most was that the thousands of corpses of the motherships of life had all been modified.

These motherships of life evolved based on the form of high-tech spaceships, and they had 80 percent of the internal and external structures of spatial battleships. Therefore, not a lot of work was required for this project.

For humans who were in a tight race, it was impossible to do all this if it wasn’t for the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory that had access to the spaces where the flow of time was different.

The atmosphere on Earth was better compared with that on the Azeroth Continent.

After having experienced the terror that the bugs brought when they appeared, most of the people on Earth had overcome the fear in their minds. The pain of losing their loved ones and their homes and the hatred that they had toward the bugs allowed them to stick together and wait for the imminent war to come.

The most important thing was that Cain and Akara didn’t disappoint Fei this time as well. They achieved several breakthroughs in the research of the rare mineral on Earth that could corrode the spirit energy of the bugs.

The Joint Laboratory on Earth used this type of mineral and created a ton of improved white mist, and a series of advanced weapons were derived from such mist.

The humans on Earth were insanely talented in designing and creating weapons; no one could doubt that. Even Cain and Akara who were knowledgeable had to admit this.

Due to the changes in the laws of nature on Earth, the physiques and strength of people on Earth drastically increased.

In a short time, many powerful figures rose to the top. The superheroes who only existed in movies and comics appeared in real life, becoming the representatives of the new humans on Earth.

Fei had placed traces of his godly power in thousands of people who were righteous and just, and these people’s strength increased the most. Especially people like Wang Jian and Jian Jie; they were already equivalent to Five-Star Warriors on the Azeroth Continent. Except for the masters from the Northern Region Empires on Earth, these people were the most dominating figures in this new world.

China benefited the most from this transformation since in this new power pyramid, many figures on top were Chinese due to Fei’s help. However, with the changing laws of nature, more and more people were awakening their potentials, and there were inevitably geniuses in every group. It was clear that a fascinating new era awaited the people on Earth.

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  1. Derek

    So something like 15 days to go from zero to 5 stars. This sounds like an insane cultivation speed.

  2. He left them his own godly power, so it’s not really that strange. Sniffing his fart is probably enough to level up once, let alone a seed of divine power.

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