Chapter 1246: Before the War (Part One)

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“Is this the legendary battleground in space?” Fei was shocked when he came here according to the spatial coordinates.

It was surprising to see such a continent floating in space. Looking from afar, this continent covered a portion of the universe, and it was dozens of times larger than the sun. Even though the sun emitted radiant light, it was like a sesame seed before a watermelon when compared to this continent. Even though Fei was millions of kilometers away, he could sense the ancient age and the magnificence of this land.

“From its shape, it seems like this continent was torn off by a force. It feels like it was taken from somewhere. However, it somehow floated in space and created this star system. This is unimaginable!” Fei sighed. Then, with a thought, he landed on this continent in the next second.

The continent was mostly flat, and it was full of hard rocks and craters left by meteorites. Also, layers of stardust that had been accumulated throughout the ages lay over top of everything.

With each step that Fei took, he covered several hundred kilometers. His spirit energy was spread out like waves, carefully sensing this mysterious continent.

This place was extremely desolate. As if it had been asleep for many eras, no signs of life could be sensed from it. There was no source of water, no greeneries, and not even a streak of wind. There were only rocks, sand grains, empty mountains, and many craters.

“This is like a land of the dead.” Fei was slightly startled.

“The laws of nature on this continent are similar to the Azeroth Continent, and it seems like a streak of power is engulfing the surface of this land. There is also oxygen that humans need to survive. Although it is thin, masters above Five-Star can manage to survive for a while in this environment. No wonder Emperor Yassin believed that this place can be the battleground in space where we can ambush the bugs.”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

This discovery calmed Fei a little.

This was indeed a perfect battleground. It was desolate with no life, and it was vast and open. Masters could unleash their full power and didn’t have to worry about injuring the innocent.

“Huh? What is that?”

Fei’s spirit energy suddenly sensed something; it seemed like some buildings appeared before him.

Fei flashed forward and appeared in the location in the next second.

“This… could it be that lifeforms once existed at this place? There are deserted structures here?”

There was a large stretch of rocky surface, and stardust that was half a meter thick covered it. However, if someone paid close attention and observed the area, they could see that the rocky surface was a group of deserted stone structures. Although some structures collapsed due to the collision with meteorites and the passage of time, Fei could still imagine how this place looked in its prime.

Fei waved his hand, and a streak of power gushed out, pushing away the stardust on top of these structures.

Just as Fei expected, there were many tower-like structures and godly-palace-like buildings, and some giant godly statues could be vaguely spotted. There were many dents on the statues, and they were discolored. It was hard to tell what they were from their appearances; they looked like stone pillars that collapsed onto the buildings around them.

It was evident that this was once a fancy and prosperous city, but its glory was long gone. It was buried in the river of time.

“What destroyed this city? War? Natural disaster? Or the bugs?” Fei searched around carefully, but he didn’t find any clues that the bugs would leave behind.

Inside these buildings, Fei didn’t find any skeletons, and the gold, silver, and iron tools that he found were corroded; it was hard to spot the patterns on them.

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