Chapter 1247: Endless Killing (Part One)

[TL Note: This is a three-parter; enjoy!]

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Like a group of crazy locusts, the planets on the bugs’ path in the universe would be completely plundered.

After many years of evolution, even the weakest bug could survive in the vacuum of space.

The countless bugs seemed like the many stars in the universe. When they passed by, the sheer number was enough to cover a star system. The low-level bugs parasitized some big planets, and giant bugs pushed these planets and moved in the universe.

Looking from afar, it seemed like a giant star system was moving and touring in space.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

The way that the bugs moved was almost identical to the super spaceship fleets that only existed in legends. Periodically, high-level bugs would come together and unleash their power, creating many giant wormholes and allowing the bugs to use hyperspace teleportation.

On the way, the bugs encountered resistance when they ran into planets that had intelligent lifeforms on them, but all resistance was useless before these vicious predators.

The planets got conquered one after another, and countless lives were destroyed. During the cruel and destructive plunders, the bugs gradually recovered their energy, and their strength became stronger and stronger. More species of bugs appeared, and their movement speed increased repeatedly.

As the supreme ruler of the bugs and the entity at the peak of the pyramid, the mysterious and powerful [Mother Empress] stayed in the center of the bugs’ formation.

As they got closer and closer to their destination, the spirit energy frequencies that were surging in space became more active and amplified. Even the mysterious [Mother Empress] let out a series of roars of excitement, seeming to create tornadoes in space.

Fei and Maradona appeared in space.

They were wrapped inside the endless universe, and the stars in the distance shone with brilliance, making everything seem beautiful and mysterious.

“Is this the place?” Maradona glanced around the universe and calculated for a while. Then, he said, “This is millions of kilometers away from the battleground in space. If your calculation got the wrong spatial coordinates, all our prior preparations would be wasted.”

“According to the information that I obtained from the memory of that bug named Dicanio, this should be the place.” Fei nodded with confidence and suddenly seemed to have detected something. He smiled and added, “Huh? Be prepared. Our guests are about to arrive.”

Before Fei could finish, a series of light vibrations appeared in space.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Tens of thousands of light dots appeared in the dark universe at the same time. As if tens of thousands of waterdrops smashed onto the surface of a calm lake, many ripples appeared in the area and grew larger. A streak of invisible power tore open the dark universe, and chaotic spatial elements rushed out of the cracks like water gushing out of a water well.

The bugs were about to arrive!

As soon as these wormholes appeared, the giant herds of Polluters were going to descend!

Even though Fei and Maradona were all dominating figures, they became a little nervous at this moment.

The appearance of the Polluters meant the beginning of the war.

Just as they expected, when the chaotic spatial elements gradually calmed down and the wormholes stabilized in space, streaks of bright light dots flew out of the wormholes that each had a diameter of more than 100 kilometers and had radiant light waves around them.

They were low-level bugs!

There were so many low-level bugs that they seemed like sand grains in a desert. They covered a portion of space, and their dark color brought people a sense of suffocation.

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