Chapter 1248: Test of Strength (Part One)

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While Fei and Maradona stopped the bug troops from moving forward, the masters and troops from the Azeroth Continent were getting used to the battleground in space that was millions of kilometers away, getting ready for the upcoming battle.

This would be a war that no one could predict the result of.

It was hard to tell how many of these beings on this battleground were going to survive and return to the Azeroth Continent.

Perhaps they would all die and wait for the Azeroth Continent to be destroyed so that they could unite with their loved ones’ souls. This was the worst-case scenario.

In front of the powerful enemies, the human soldiers who once belonged to different super empires and had deep hatred toward each other dropped all grudges and prepared for war alongside each other.

The beings who could come here were all at least equivalent to Five-Star Warriors.

The atmosphere on the battleground in space was heated. Before the bugs arrived, some defensive structures had to be built, and magic arrays had to be set up. All of this was required for the intelligent creatures from the Azeroth Continent to maximize their advantages on the battleground.

No one complained, and no one slacked off.

The warriors became hard labor, and they sweated and used warrior energy to carry giant rocks, showing their strength. The aloof mages worked so much that they stuck out their tongues like panting dogs, looking fatigued. Under the instruction of demi-godly masters, they created various magic arrays and engraved magic paths on the ground tirelessly by using their magic energy without holding back.

The elves who were clean and tidy traveled on the battleground in space that was covered in stardust, and such dust got onto their bodies, making them look like they were made of mud. However, they didn’t have time to clean themselves, and they set up many elf magic arrays and looked for terrains where the elf archers could have the most advantage.

The dwarfs started to create underground structures such as caves and traps. They were great at this, and their unique ability could perhaps counter the bugs that also liked digging holes in the ground, preventing the latter from sneak-attacking the united troops on the ground.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

The gnomes and elves reached an agreement during the preparation of the upcoming war and were placed into one legion. These good-looking shorties had firearms, all kinds of probes, and other war machines. Their combat style could complement that of the elves, and the overall combat strength could increase by multiple folds.

Now that Fei passed the Dragon Clan’s test and signed a new covenant with them, the qualified human, elf, and gnome warriors became powerful dragon knights. Currently, they were flying in the air while riding on dragons, inspecting the terrain and monitoring the area.

The god-level masters already started to place fist spiritual spatial seals around the battleground in space. Streaks of invisible power were sealed into the dark sky above this continent in space, waiting for the arrival of the Polluters.

The battleground in space was the only and the last line of defense of the Azeroth Continent.

Once this place was conquered, the only fate that awaited the Azeroth Continent was death and destruction. Everything that these beings treasured and wanted to protect would be destroyed.

The command center of these various united troops sat in a hidden location on the battleground in space.

The most talented mages, strategists, and generals of every force and tens of thousands of advisors were using their intelligent brains to allocate and move troops around.

The masters were fulfilling their responsibilities and calculating, again and again, making sure that they didn’t miss any critical details about the imminent war.

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